The Joys of a Walk In Bathtub

Bathtub walk in

Hip fractures are nothing to laugh about. The most common type of bone fracture in those over 75, hip fractures can seriously impair quality of life, and lead to death in rare cases. Brittle bones are definitely a factor, but so is poor balance that declines with age. Thankfully, there are many ways to reduce the incidences of slips and falls. One such way is through walk in bathtubs. These walk in bathtubs prevent the use of a step, and allow the elderly to bathe without the risk of a fall. Using walk in bathtubs can also preserve bathing, which improves quality of life for elders.

How do walk in bathtubs work? These walk in bathtubs work because they have a tight seal with the rest of the walk in bath tub. These walk in bathtubs often have a door at the bottom, which is typically made of glass or an opaque material. This door can open to allow elders a step free access to the tub, and then let them fill the tub. The door of walk in bathtubs forms a watertight seal, meaning that water will not escape the tub.

Of course, walk in bathtubs are not the only convenience elders have. There are other such conveniences that support them as well. Many live in ranch houses that do not have stairs. Most homes have been retrofitted to have step free access. For more urban minded elders, some live in apartment buildings with easy elevator access. So really, fall prevention is nothing new. Walk in baths just add another layer.

Elders deserve to live how they want to live. Installing walk in bathtubs lets them do that. With walk in bathtubs, elders can maintain their bathing routine, and have to worry about a fall in one less spot. This means that a walk in bathtub gives elders piece of mind.

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