The Mites You Might Not Want

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Carpets can be made from many different fabrics. And a diverse range of carpets found their way into houses following the post War Boom. In 1948, sales of carpets reached 90 million square yards. But carpets have one material in common. They all have plenty of dust. A person can shed somewhere around 1.5 million skin flakes in an hour and that can fall on a carpet where 2000 dust mites can be happily fed on one ounce. Mites thrive in warm humid environments in particular where they gobble up dead skin cells.

For a carpet cleaner Portland has numerous options available and, make no mistake, if you have dust mites you need a carpet cleaner. For carpet cleaners portland Oregon provides numerous opportunities because Portland carpet cleaning and Salem carpet cleaning address the needs of people living in a diverse environment. Carpet cleaning in Portland Oregon is not the only service that people might want to pursue for killing mites. Sometimes calling an exterminator might be necessary.

But one of the good things about the carpet cleaner Portland provides is that he or she probably knows how to prevent dust mites from gathering on a carpet before they gather there. The carpet cleaner Portland Oregon offers is one of the best ways to ensure that a carpet is clean at all times. Once dust mites do get into the carpet, it provides an ideal environment for them to spawn and grow. There can be millions of dust mites on a single carpet, if the carpet is large enough and the dust is diffuse enough.

It is for this reason that people should consider calling a carpet cleaner Portland has available every couple of months. A carpet cleaner Portland Oregon can go a long way toward ensuring the welfare of a carpet and the good state of your own health. Continue.

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