The Most Important Factor in Water Damage and Mold Cleanup Reaction Time

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When you envision the home of your dreams, it is more than likely in tip top shape. The dream home so many aspire to achieve is ideal in all respects. However once you do manage to find it, the reality sets in. Life happens and there are many things that you need to protect your new home from, and plenty of maintenance and upkeep along the way as well.

One significant factor that homeowners must be aware of, particularly in certain areas, is flooding. Another thing that homeowners must be vigilant about preventing is fire. If a fire is caught in enough time, property can be saved from burning but there is still the chance that there can be similar damage to that which is caused by flooding as well: home water damage.

Be prepared for mold cleanup

If you have the misfortune of experiencing any of these situations, there is clearly going to be plenty on your mind. But whether you are in a community recovering from a flood, or you are looking at house fire damage repair, the initial cleanup of interior water damage is only the beginning. If the home water damage is not properly addressed and dealt with, you could also end up dealing with mold cleanup as well, which is only going to cause more stress and cost more time and money. Mold removal is no easy task, so you will likely want to consult or hire professional contractors who are experts in mold cleanup.

Why it is important to address water damage right away

While it may seem exhausting to do a thorough job of initial cleanup and airing out the drenched area, it is critical that it is done immediately, and thoroughly. Mold is partial to dampness, and it can start to grow in a damp, untreated area in as little as 24 to 48 hours. And it is a common issue. Around 20% of all insurance claims are in some way or another tied to some sort of water damage and the resulting issues.

Home insurance is very important, as the damage that is left behind after a flood or fire can be incredibly expensive. One report showed that a single 2,000 square foot home sustaining 12 inches of water damage could end up costing over $50,000. Being prepared for the worst will allow you to land on your feet in the unfortunate case that such a thing befalls you and your home.

Your dream home will take work to maintain. It is going to your time, sweat, and dedication to keep it looking and feeling like the ideal home you always envisioned. But if you are prepared and willing to put in the work, you will enjoy your sanctuary for years to come. To learn more, read this.

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