The Top Three Crucial Parts of Handicap Bathroom Design

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It is easy enough to talk about remodeling a bathroom to be handicap accessible, but it is quite another thing to actually do it. There are a lot of little details that can easily go overlooked. Here are three details you should be sure are covered in your handicapped bathroom remodeling design:

1. Toilet Height

The first think you have to consider when considering handicap bathroom remodel designs is the height of the toilet. How tall will it be from the floor to the seat rim? Typically, toilets are about fifteen inches tall. It can be difficult for handicapped people to lower themselves to that height, though, as well as to raise themselves up from it. Toilets must be taller in order to compensate for that. Typically, a toilet should be about seventeen inches high if not nineteen in order to be accessible to a handicapped person.

2. Sink Height

Something else you must take into account is the height of the sink. This may seem less critical, so you may be inclined to skip over it to save on bathroom remodeling costs, but that is a mistake. The sink height may not be as critical as the toilet height, but it is still very important and is worth the bathroom remodeling costs to achieve it. The sink should be tall enough for a person in a walker to learn up against it without having to bend down. This means it should be raised about three inches from its typical thirty one inch height in order to be truly comfortable and safe.

3. Space

Finally, consider how much space the bathroom afford to the occupant. The person in the walker or wheelchair needs to be able to turn around to exit the room, after all, so there needs to be enough room for them to do so. This typically means about sixty inches of space around the center of the room. What do you think about these features in handicap bathrooms?

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