Three Common Problems With Residential Air Conditioners

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Did you know that the first window-unit aid conditioner was installed in 1932? However, it would be many years before most people could afford air conditioning in their homes and apartments.

Today, air conditioning is very popular throughout the U.S. In fact, by 1980, the U.S. used more energy to power air conditioners than all other countries combined. Many Americans today no longer see air conditioning as a luxury, but as a necessity.

For this reason, it can be quite upsetting if, for some reason, the air conditioner stops functioning. Although generally you will need a specialist for fixing air conditioners, this is not always the case. Here are three common problems with fairly simple solutions. If problems persist, though, you should contact a repair company in order to avert further damage.

1. The Unit Refuses to Cool

Sometimes, this problem can be solved just by checking the thermostat. Sometimes homeowners turn it up and forget to turn it back. A dirty filter can also prevent units from efficiently cooling. You can rinse out and replace your HVAC air filters, and during heavy-use seasons you should change them every few months.

2. Energy Bill Too High

According to CNN, homeowners should have their air conditioners inspected and serviced annually. Up to 40% in energy costs can be lost thanks to leaky ducts. You can help to fix leaky ducts by applying mastic tape to any holes or seams you can see. Don’t use duct tape — it will dry out and fall off.

3. Running Too Long

Your air conditioning coils are meant to allow the system to evaporate and condense so as to exchange heat with the outside environment. AC coil cleaning can help units run more efficiently if the coils have become covered with outdoor dirt and foliage, which restricts airflow. Cleaning air conditioning coils is either something you can do yourself, or hire an expert to handle.

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