Three Home Staging Tips You Can Use to Sell Your Home Fast

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The numbers are in, and as Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports, the U.S. housing market finally seems to be back on stable, albeit tentative, footing. That, as you might imagine, means good things across the board for homeowners looking to finally sell their condo or house and move on to greener pastures.

Even with the housing recovery, you shouldn’t assume that offloading your home or condos for sale is going to be easy. Home buyers are still looking for homes with great interior design, verdant lawns, and that “je ne sais pas” that puts your house above all of their other options. With these home staging tips, you can up the “wow factor” of your home and make it far more likely to sell at the price you want.

Three Home Staging Tips That Will Make Home Buyers Take Notice

  1. Clutter is the Biggest Obstacle to Selling a Home
  2. For HGTV, there is nothing that will kill your chances of selling your home quickly and at a great price quicker than clutter. As a general rule, you need to make your home look as much like a model home as possible, while still maintaining that sort of “lived in” aesthetic that buyers like to see when going to showings. Think clean but not sterile here.

  3. Home Staging Should Be Inside and Out
  4. Too many homeowners make the mistake of thinking they only need to focus on the inside of their homes to make a sale. After all, that’s where people will be living, right? However, as Fox News suggests, successful realtors use the idea of “curb appeal” to generate a lot of positive buzz for their homes. Quite simply, curb appeal speaks to how attractive your home looks from the curb. Landscaping, siding, painting: all of this and more is part of the curb appeal equation. Remember to focus on your interior and exterior equally to raise your chances of a sale.

  5. Hide Your Personal Items
  6. As Huffington Post so aptly suggests, people you’re showing your home to need to be able to imagine themselves living there with their families. Personal items, like photographs of family and other knick-knacks, can get in the way of this fantasy, and that can get in the way of making a sale. Just place your items in your drawers until the showing is over.

What other home staging techniques did you use to get your home to sell quickly? Let us know in the comments below! Visit here for more information: Santa fe luxury homes for sale

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