Three Pool-Friendly Patio Materials You Should Consider

Pool deck installation

With summer finally here, there has never been a better time to finally design and install the patio that your home’s in-ground pool deserves. A high-quality patio can be the perfect place to lay in the sun, enjoy some after-work downtime and hold gatherings with family and friends.

And you can say goodbye to the drab, plain concrete patio designs of yesteryear — today’s patio pavers come in a variety of gorgeous materials, and the number of choices you have to make your patio the perfect complement to your pool is virtually endless.

Not sure which patio pavers or materials are the best complement for your home’s in-ground pool? Here are three of our favorite pool-friendly patio materials that will make your patio design stand out from the crowd:

Natural stone

One of the most popular choices among homeowners is to build a patio made with natural stone. These patios appear luxurious, but are often surprisingly affordable — especially if you source your stone from a local rock quarry. Stone comes in a wide variety of colors and textures, as well.

Travertine pavers

Travertine, a type of limestone, is one of the most naturally-beautiful materials to choose for your patio. Travertine pavers are highly luxurious, as they look very similar to marble — and they stay cool in the summer! Many homeowners love travertine because its color doesn’t fade over time, and it can withstand winter temperatures without cracking.


Brick patios are some of the most stable, durable and long-lasting patios around. Because they’re installed on a concrete base, you will have a uniform and safe surface surrounding your pool. These patios are also easy to repair, as individual bricks can simply be removed and replaced. However, brick patios can become quite hot during those hot summer days — not the most comfortable for bare feet.

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