Three Reasons to Skip Residential Window Repair and Get a Replacement Instead

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Are your windows getting old? If so, you’re not alone. For many homeowners in the United States, residential window repair and replacement are a must for a variety of reasons. As our windows age, they break down and let in drafts, moisture, pests, pollen, and unfiltered light. Windows that are over 10 or 15 years old are especially susceptible to these issues.

If you have older windows in your home, residential window repair may not be enough — you may need entirely new commercial grade windows for your home. Why make the switch? Check out these advantages of having new windows below:

1. Stronger windows: Home window repair, especially for cracked window repairs, won’t do much to strengthen windows. If anything it’s just a temporary bandage on the problem. Getting new windows means having windows with double glazing and other great features that provide more than adequate protection from the elements. Having newly manufactured windows will offer the best protections against wind, rain, snow, and other weather events for your house.

2. Energy efficiency: Because older windows let in drafts and moisture, they can really raise your utility bills. When you let cool air in during the winter, you have to turn your heat up to compensate. Additionally, windows without adequate protection can let too much heat in during the summer, making cooling your home incredibly difficult. If you have these problems, it’s time to skip the residential window repair service and go straight to replacing your home’s windows.

3. Improved sealing: Here’s something that broken window repair can’t do — provide your home with better insulation. Filling in cracks and splits along the edge of a window will only help for a while. New windows will provide new and better sealing than your old windows had, so you won’t be struggling to heat or cool your home throughout the year.

Have questions on window repair and replacement services? Be sure to contact one of the over 12,000 window installation businesses in the United States. You’re sure to find something that not only improves the efficiency of your home, but the looks of it, too, and adding almost $8,000 in value on average to your home. If you have any general inquiries, feel free to leave a comment below. Get more here.

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