Three Simple HVAC Tips that can Lower Your Utility Bills

Heating and air conditioning service

Utility bills can be expensive, and as the seasons change and the temperature drops, you may already be cringing at the thought of winter heating costs.

But there are several quick and easy things you can do to bring down that bill. So how can you pay less for heating and air conditioning services?

1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Simply installing and setting a programmable thermostat can save the average homeowner about $180 in energy costs each year. Once you have your thermostat properly timed and set, it’s a fix you won’t even have to worry about. Just set the temperature to drop during the day while no one’s home and at night while everyone’s in bed. You’ll barely notice a difference in comfort, but you’ll definitely notice a difference on your monthly bill.

2. Make Sure Heating and Air Conditioning Systems are Installed Correctly

Improperly installed HVAC systems can increase your energy costs by up to 30%. Unfortunately, it can be hard to check this after a system is installed, especially if the person who inspects it is the one who installed it. Be proactive about installation. Make sure you pick a reliable contractor with plenty of experience and good referrals who will get the job done right the first time. Ultimately, this will save you money.

3. Keep Systems Well Maintained

Regular maintenance is the key to making sure your heating and air conditioning systems are operating at the capacity for which you’re paying. HVAC filters should be changed at least once every three months to maximize efficiency and cut down on allergens, dust and dirt in your home’s air. With proper maintenance, it’s also likely your system will last longer. New heating and air conditioning systems that receive proper maintenance can last from 12-15 years.

Stay on top of these three things and you should see a decrease in your monthly utility bills in no time.

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