Three Steps in Planning a Successful Interstate Move

Who are the most expensive interstate movers?

Did you know that the average american moves more than ten times during their lifetime? Moving is also one of the main sources of major life stress, falling behind only the death of a loved one and the dissolution of a marriage. What steps can you take in order to ensure a relatively pain free interstate move experience this time around?

One, start preparing for your move well ahead of time. This means not only packing up, starting with the items you use more infrequently, but also casting a critical eye over your belongings to figure out what should move with you. Take the antique end table, but do you really need that gigantic armchair with the stuffing popping out of the side that you have been keeping in the basement? Have a yard sale to get rid of your junk and put the money you make toward your moving expenses.

Two, start comparing prices so that you can find the least expensive interstate moving companies for your belongings. Did you know that it is usually cheaper to move mid week or mid month? If you can be a bit flexible about your moving times, the potential to save a bit of money is high. Get price quotes from the interstate mover companies you are most interested in. Most moving companies serve hundreds, if not thousands depending on the size of the company, of customers a year, so a lot of information will be available online about them. Do not be afraid to look up how people have rated them in reviews. Things to look out for is careful handling of belongings, dependability, and final price.

Three, plan for your interstate move by making sure your interstate mover is licensed. If not, they, and potentially you, can face thousands of dollars in finds, not to mention you might have a further hassle of having to hire an additional company after that with no guarantee of getting your money back from the first.

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