Three Tips on Moving and Saving Money

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Did you know that the average American moves about twelve times in their lifetime? This year, millions of Americans will be moving across town, across city, and across the country to pursue new job opportunities, enter retirement, move in with family, or any of the other reasons that moving becomes a necessity. If you are getting ready for the big move and are looking for some tips to make your process as stress free as it can be, follow these four tips for moving success.

One, clean and organize your current home before trying to pack it all away. This means getting rid of the things you do not really feel like investing in moving across the country. Moving is a great time to get rid of the clutter that has accumulated in your life. Have you never used the spare coffee table collecting dust in your basement? Now is the time to have a yard sale, sell the unwanted things, and make some money to put toward your move.

Two, did you know that different times of the week and year are more affordable than others? Most people tend to move on the weekend and at the end or beginning of the month, so moving is often more affordable if you can wait until mid week, or mid month. Another way to save money on moving is to look into move coupons and mover promocodes. Many moving companies will offer a mover promocode to entice you to pick their company. These mover promocodes could potentially save you more than a few dollars if you compare offers and choose wisely based on the overall cost.

Three, if you need storage, look into reputable storage companies in the area you will be living in. A good storage facility should have adequate security and allow you access at the time you want, not by appointment. Packrat coupons could be helpful on saving money on storage.

Remember. Clean, organize, moving times, mover promocodes, and good storage. These tips will hopefully assist you and allow you to have a positive move in experience!

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