Tips For Reducing The Risk Of Fire In Your Workplace Or Establishment

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Do you know one of the most rampant issues facing American workplaces? While some studies have cited the spread of bacteria and falls as frequent hazards, one of the most widespread issues remains that of small and large fires. All it takes is a single spark to set a building ablaze, injuring workers and employees while destroying thousands of dollars in property. Kitchens, in particular, are highly susceptible to these accidents. Let’s take a look at why your workplace may need a fire extinguisher recharge or fire protection check-up to stay safe.

Where Do Fires Erupt?

A fire can emerge anywhere. However, some areas have proven to be more prone to fires for a few different reasons. Fires in restaurants and dining establishments both cause a yearly average of $246 million in direct and indirect property damage, which is nothing to say of injuries and deaths. Warehouses, kitchens, basements and grills are all common sources of fire and can be easily prevented with a proactive attitude and the right equipment. A fire extinguisher recharge or fire extinguisher service, for example, is one place to start looking.

How Do Fires Start?

Poor ventilation, combustible elements and a lack of awareness regularly contribute to the spread of fires. Pinpointing the root of the issue is the first step toward creating a safe environment. Nearly 60% of restaurant fires involve some form of cooking equipment, such as grills or stoves, and nonconfined restaurant building fires often begin in either cooking areas or kitchens. These are able to be prevented in the majority of cases — with the aid of a fire extinguisher recharge or fire extinguishers services, you can be rest assured you’ll never be short on assistance.

How Can Fires Be Prevented?

There are small actions that can be done in the day-to-day to curb the spread of smoke, sparks and fire. Remove ashes from any wood or charcoal-burning ovens at least once per day, storing them outside in metal containers at least 10 feet away from buildings or additionally combustible materials. Deep fryers (at 9%), ranges (at 7%) and various kitchen or cooking equipment (at 5%) are the leading ingredients in creating nonconfined restaurant building fires.

What Equipment Is Needed To Prevent Fires?

With a combination of safe habits and proper equipment, you’ll never have to worry about small or large fires. An ongoing study of more than 2,000 fire incidents has revealed portable fire extinguishers have successfully eliminated more than 80% of fires. A fire extinguisher recharge is necessary to make sure the item in question never loses its power — fire extinguisher services can assess the workplace or establishment in question and assess the needs of your given area. Commercial kitchens should have automatic extinguishing systems inspected every six months or so. How will you create a safer working environment today?
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