Top 3 Reasons How Fencing Makes Your House a Home

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People undertake all sorts of home renovation and update projects to personalize, improve the function and increase the value of their homes. One of the most popular exterior home renovations homeowners undertake is fence installation.

The fencing industry generates an estimated $51 billion of yearly revenue in the U.S., with approximately 99,939 businesses that provide fencing products and services. And the fencing industry employees over 270,000 people in the United States. Whether you are planning rural, urban or suburban fence projects, the addition of a fence will undoubtedly add value and function to your property.

Here are 3 terrific reasons why you should install a home fence.

1. Added Home Value

With the wide variety of fencing materials, fence styles and color options available on the market, undertaking suburban fence projects offer a great opportunity to add personality and curb appeal to your home. For example, research shows that adding an attractive aluminum fence to a yard improves curb appeal and offers a return of investment of around 65%. Outdoor privacy fences are an important item on many home buyer’s wishlists, especially those with children and pets. Many are willing to pay more for a home with a fence, instead of having to take the time and additional funds to install one on their own. Of course the value of a home fence isn’t purely financial. Fences also offer privacy and protection that improves a yard’s function and adds to homeowners’ peace of mind.

2. Greater Privacy

Suburban fence projects come in all kinds of different sizes and styles. Whether you are building a garden fence or perimeter decorative fences, virtually all fencing types add a valuable layer of privacy to your home. Many people decide on fence installation, because they want the privacy fences offer. Classic privacy fence designs stand, on average, six feet tall, but can be taller depending on local building codes. Home owners can enjoy sitting in their backyard, and letting kids play outside, without having to worry about neighbors or others who pass by looking into their yard.

3. Increased Protection

Part of what makes a house a home is the feeling of safety a residence offers. In addition to privacy, outdoor fences add to a home’s security. Chain link fences, electric fences, even wooden fences that enclose your property provide a barrier between your home and the outside world, designed to keep unwanted people and animals away. Gates and locks can be added to fences to assist in keeping unwanted individuals away. Localized fencing, such as pool fences can also be installed to add additional protection to specific areas of your property.

If you don’t already have a home fence, consider adding one now. The added value, function, privacy and security fences offer is invaluable. And even if you do already have an outdoor fence, make sure that it is properly maintained and treated.

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