Turning Your Garage Into a Room: 5 Ideas For Your Family to Tackle

Are you thinking about turning your garage into a functional space that does more than store your vehicle and extra clutter you can’t fit in your house? Around 80% of homeowners own a garage that they are using more for storing clutter than as a parking space. Instead of trying to find a bigger place to live, it may make more sense to maximize this unused space for a man cave, playroom, or place for the in-laws to stay. Around 58% of homeowners plan to spend money on home improvements this year, and a great place to start is with the garage. Here are five ideas your family may want to tackle when turning your garage into a room.

Deciding What Your Garage Will Be

Before turning your garage into a room, think about what you’d like the space to be once it’s finished. As long as you follow local building code requirements, you can customize the garage into any type of living space. You can turn the garage into a kid’s playroom, an art studio, an extra bedroom, a car shop, a gym, or a home office. The possibilities are endless. The only limitation you may have is how much you can spend with your household budget.

You will also need to think about what work will need to be required for turning your garage into a room. If you plan on spending a large portion of time in the new room, you may want to hire an HVAC company to install heating and air conditioning in the space. Insulation may need to be added to the walls. You may need to need to hire an electrician to upgrade your electrical panel. Do you need to remove the garage door and replace it with a wall?

If you are turning the space into a bedroom or an apartment, you may need to hire a plumbing repair service to install a toilet and shower or bath. Lighting and windows will need to be installed in order to make it a functional space. Before you convert the garage, you’ll need to figure out what to do with all the items you already have stored in it. You can either move these items to your basement or keep them in a shed in your backyard. Building permits will need to be acquired from your local city government.

A Car Shop

If you love collecting or fixing vehicles, one idea you may love for turning your garage into a room is making it a car shop. You may be able to make a little money on the side as an automotive repair service for your family and friends. In order to transform your garage into this type of space, there are a few things you will need to do. You’ll need to have your electrical panel upgraded and more electrical outlets installed to handle the heavy use of power tools and equipment. Have a washbasin installed by a professional plumber so you have an easy way to clean your hands from grease and oil when you finish your project for the day.

Inspect the drainage in your garage flooring for signs of moisture that may indicate cracks or other serious issues and make any necessary repairs. Refresh the floors with a coat of epoxy paint to protect against stains from car grease and oil. You can also consider using rubber overlays to provide extra cushion. Install insulation in your garage walls and weatherstripping to the door. Consider adding windows to allow more natural lighting to illuminate your workspace.

A sprinkler system installation may be a good idea to prevent accidental fires in a room full of electrical tools and flammable liquids. Think about where all your tools will be stored and where they will be arranged in the space. You may want to consider buying a four-post lift with vertical storage that allows you to jack up one car while having another underneath. Temperature-controlled storage is necessary for both car batteries and a beverage. Make space in your garage for a refrigerator and buy a conversion kit that makes it look like a gas pump or a commercial tool chest.

An Art Studio

If you are an artist or your kids enjoy arts and crafts, turning your garage into a room for creating art is another fantastic way to utilize the space. To transform the space, first clear everything out of the garage and inspect the condition of the walls. Consider the layout of the space regarding where you will put your supplies and where electrical outlets are located. You may also want to have a plumber install a small sink for cleaning brushes or washing your hands after working on your art pieces. Add overhead lighting and add windows for natural lighting.

If you don’t have plans to use your garage door as an entrance, you can replace it with a wall or use it as a focal point to display your art. Power wash the entire area before you make any upgrades to the interior. Apply a coat of paint and upgrade the flooring. Add a heating and cooling system if one isn’t already installed and apply weather stripping to the garage door. If you can’t afford an HVAC system, you can use a portable heater or air conditioner to help control temperature and humidity levels.

Consider what storage options you’ll need for your art, sewing, or embroidery supplies. Divide the space into various workstations you may need, depending on what type of art you create. Set up the furniture you’ll need after turning your garage into a room for your art projects. You may need work tables, a desk, and a comfortable chair or sofa. You may be able to repurpose some items in your home instead of buying new, such as converting a changing table into an art table.

Decorate the room with fresh flowers, candles, and inspiring wall hangings. Add accessories to the space to inspire your creativity and add a touch of comfort. This can include items such as plush throw rugs and soft pillows. Include a break area in your new studio that is complete with a fridge for snacks and beverages. This way you can easily grab something to munch on and not get distracted when the muse strikes. Design the room in a way that makes you feel happy and allows you to move freely as you create your works of art.

A Man Cave

One of the most popular options for turning a garage into a room to enjoy is creating a man cave. Clear any items left in the garage and insulate the walls, ceiling, and garage doors. The insulation can help soundproof your room to avoid irritating neighbors while keeping you warm. Inspect your electrical panel and outlets to make sure you’ll have enough power for your electronic equipment. Consider if you want to have a sink and toilet installed by a professional plumber so you don’t miss a moment while watching the game.

Give the walls a fresh coat of paint and install lighting. You may want to upgrade the flooring from concrete to something more comfortable. If you’re planning to include expensive electronics in the room, you may want to install a security system or garage door locks for protection against theft. You’ll also want to have a heating and cooling system in your man cave to help keep you comfortable. Think about shelving and storage for your tools and toys when turning your garage into a room of your own.

Replace your garage door with a wall or cover it with a curtain or paint matching your decor. If you’re converting the room as a place to watch your favorite sports games, you may want to take preventative measures with pest control if you plan on enjoying your favorite snacks. Consider what furniture you’ll need for you and your friends. You may also want to include a bar and fridge to have drinks and food within easy reach. Make sure to include your favorite memorabilia in the room, whether that’s from sports or your favorite movies.

A Playroom

Your family may be spending more time at home between kids taking online classes and parents working from home. With all the chaos, you may want to think of giving them a room to help them blow off steam and give yourself a break. There are many creative ways for turning your garage into a room that’s fun for the kids. As with any other idea for garage conversion, you’ll want to start by decluttering the space and giving it a thorough cleaning. Inspect the walls and garage door for signs of damage and make any necessary repairs.

Think about what play items you’ll want to include in this new space. The garage is the perfect place for any toys that may be too noisy or messy to have in the house. Teach your child how to be a painter by letting them help you paint the walls in colors of their choosing. Put down a few foam interlocking mats on the floor in higher traffic areas to provide protection while they play. Include an area for yourself with a comfortable chair so you can supervise them while they play.

Make sure the area is well insulated and you have heating or cooling systems to keep your kids comfortable. Disconnect the garage door opener and ensure the wall button or remote is out of reach. Inspect the area for any sharp or dangerous items and remove or secure them. You’ll want to get plenty of shelving and storage systems to make cleanup a breeze. Divide the area into different play zones for both quieter activities such as reading or doing puzzles and more rambunctious activities such as a ball pit.

An In-Law Apartment

Many families today are taking care of elderly parents in their homes instead of choosing for them to live in a nursing home or assisted living center. This can lead to some pretty cramped living conditions for everyone. If you’re in this situation, you may want to consider turning your garage into a room or an apartment for your parents or your in-laws. Before you convert, check your local building codes especially if you’ll be adding a kitchen or bathroom to the space. There may be certain requirements you’ll need to meet before you can receive a building permit.

If you’re planning to do a full remodel into an apartment, you may want to hire a general contractor. The contractor can help you draw up plans to make the most of the space for your elderly loved ones. Upgrade your garage roof by hiring a residential roofer to make repairs. The new apartment will also need plumbing and insulation installed to make it functional as a living space. Use wood panels to upgrade the flooring into something more comfortable to walk on.

An HVAC unit may be essential to control the temperature in the new space. If you have stairs leading from the garage to the house, you may want to install metal railings to help prevent slipping and falling. Consider other special needs your elderly parents may have such as wheelchair accessibility and other relevant amenities. Replace the garage door with a regular door for easier access in case of an emergency. Since you won’t be using your driveway any longer, you may want to convert part of it to an outdoor porch or patio deck for your parents to enjoy time outdoors.

These are just a few of the ideas for converting your garage into a room for more than just parking your car. No matter which idea you choose, you can have a quiet place to rest and relax from the grind of everyday life. Use these ideas as inspiration for converting your garage into the perfect dream space. Consider your household budget and research online for DIY projects you can do for your new room to help you save money. Get started on turning your garage into a room you’ll love today!

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