Two Ways to Make Your Bathroom More Handicap Accessible

Bathroom remodeling design

Bathrooms are small areas that make mobility nearly impossible, especially for individuals who already have trouble getting around. As a result, if you or someone you know has mobility issues, it is important to design a handicapped bathroom. There are several important ideas for bathroom remodeling to consider, as each one will help create a more handicap accessible bathroom.

– Raise the height of all the fixtures. One of the best ways to create a more handicap accessible bathroom is to raise the height of the sink and toilet. For example, many handicapped bathrooms have toilets that are 17-19 inches from the floor to the seat rim, while most standard toilets are only 15 inches from the floor. Additionally, raising the height of the sink will allow wheelchairs to fit under them, which is beneficial because wheelchair users can easily wheel right up to the sink. By considering these types of bathroom remodeling designs, handicapped individuals will have an easier time using the bathroom.

– Install accessible baths and showers. Getting in and out of the tub safely is a challenge for nearly anyone who has mobility issues. Fortunately, there are a few solutions available. For example, handicap accessible showers allow individuals to roll their wheelchairs directly into them for added convenience. Additionally, these types of showers often have grab bars and a seat so that bathing is a breeze. Walk-in bathtubs can also be installed, and these tubs have an outward or inward-swinging door that allows individuals to easily and safely step in and out of the tub. With a wide variety of bathroom remodel designs available, creating a handicapped bathroom can be simple.

If you or someone you know has mobility issues, it is important to consider two essential bathroom remodeling ideas. Adjusting the height of the fixtures and installing accessible showers and baths, for example, are two helpful design ideas. By seeking help from bathroom remodeling companies and implementing these ideas, your bathroom will become easier to use.

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