Using Wood Veneers Could be a great Way to Help Renovate Your Office

Veneer edgebanding

Do you have an old desk or wooden table that is durable and stable, but could use a more polished-looking finish? Perhaps you’d like to renovate your home or commercial office space with new wall paneling to make for a more professional ambiance.

If so, you may want to purchase some furniture grade wood veneers and install them yourself. Wood veneer sheets are actually fairly straightforward as a building material. They come in a variety of different styles of wood–from sturdy oak sheets to rustic cherry veneer sheets to the incredibly strong and distinctive bamboo veneer sheets. Beyond that, veneer laminate sheets are typically affixed with the use of heat from a conventional iron. Peel and stick veneers and pressure sensitive veneers are also simple and effective.

Before you get to the step of applying the veneer sheet to the plywood underneath, you’ll want to make sure that the surface texture of the veneer should be impediment-free, which can be achieved via thorough sanding.

When choosing the veneers that best fit your particular project, make sure that consider the existing materials being incorporated in the room and the materials that comprise your furnishings. Will the new veneers help to contribute to a cohesive visual aesthetic? If so, it may help you to be more comfortable and productive overall.

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