What Melamine Edgebanding Can Do For Your Home Improvement Project

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If you’re working on dressing up your kitchen cabinets, fixing up a wooden table, or patching up an old shelf, you might need something to finish your project. No matter what home improvement project you have, using edgebanding on the edges of wood or other materials can bring your work together. Whether you need something that irons on or is a self adhesive veneer, from mahogany to melamine edgebanding, you’re sure to find this easy-to-use material perfect for your fixer-uppers, furniture, and antiques.

There are several different kinds of edgebanding available
. These self adhesive veneer sheets are used to cover the exposed side of woods such as particle board, plywood, MDF, and many kinds of hard wood. They can even be applied to non-wood surfaces such as metals. They are often used on the edges of shelving, cabinets, desks, tables, and other antiques.

Melamine edgebanding is a great option because of its durable plastic material, which is often found in laminate flooring and dry erase boards. Melamine edgebanding is also a popular choice because it is available in a wide variety of shades, perfect for any fixer-upper project. Also available are bamboo veneer sheets, cherry veneer sheets, and mahogany veneer sheets to give your shelf, table, or other wooden surface a polished appearance. All you need is a utility knife to cut the strips, apply them either in tape form or as an iron on, and your furniture, cabinetry, and antiques will look brand new!

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