What You Should Know About Different Types of Fences

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Medical and legal marijuana often runs into interesting debacles with local people. In Port Colborne, Canada, parents and residents have been concerned about marijuana waste disposed in back of a medical marijuana producer.

According to neighbors, the company, Muileboom Organics, isn’t properly disposing of the unusable marijuana. Consequently, teenagers will trespass on the area and look through the pile for smokable leaves.

Neighbors complain that there is a lack of fencing around the back of the property that would help to keep away tempted teens. Previously, the company’s president has said they use “extreme” security measures.

Although you probably aren’t growing a pile of marijuana in your backyard and disposing of it as well, you may still be interested in your various options for residential fences. Fences can be useful for keeping pets and children in, intruders out, ensuring privacy in busy areas, and more. Here are several facts about popular fence types.

Wooden Fences

  • Biggest advantages: wood has a very classic look that complements most landscapes. Pickets can be spaced in a variety of ways in order to emphasize either privacy or view.
  • Biggest disadvantages: though wood is fairly durable, it can’t compete with non-organic substances. Wood can experience issues with cracking, rot and insects, especially if not properly maintained. It also may need periodic re-painting or staining.

Vinyl Fences

  • Biggest advantages: if you’re looking for types of residential fencing that will last long and require minimal upkeep, vinyl is the right material for you. It’s durable, long-lasting, and at the most will need to be washed off every so often to prevent algae buildup.
  • Biggest disadvantages: Vinyl may look like wood from a distance, but up close no one’s going to be fooled, so it’s not always the best choice when aesthetics is the number one concern. If pieces become damaged it can also be difficult to match to new sections.

Wrought Iron Fences

  • Biggest advantages: Wrought iron is the right choice for people who are interested in types of residential fencing with an emphasis on design. With wide spacing between pickets, these are ideal for areas where you want to ensure security, but not necessarily privacy.
  • Biggest disadvantages: Not ideal for pets who can wriggle out or experience frustration from watching people and other animals walk by. It is not an ideal choice for homeowners craving privacy.

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