Why Roof Maintenance is Important for Protecting Your Building

Roofs protect our buildings from the elements, shielding them from rain, wind and snow. In turn, they need a little help and protection now and again to be able to function properly. A well-maintained roof can last for decades, but it needs to be guarded against water damage and other hazards. Roofs should be inspected regularly and any repairs should be done quickly. Roofing materials like liquid rubber waterproof sealant make repairs and touch-ups that much easier, renewing your roof and its protective capacity.

How the elements can harm you roof
The roof and sidings of any building, which make up the exterior, protect it from the elements and the vagaries of the weather. Few things feel cozier than sitting indoors with a warm drink while listening to the pouring rain outside. Roofs are the first and perhaps most important line of defense against sold, heat, rain, wind and snow. They’re also one of the most neglected parts of any building, getting attention only when there is a serious problem.
Water is the element that can do the most structural damage to any building. Whether it’s a leaking roof or a flooded basement, it has the potential to infiltrate walls and foundations, weakening them and the whole house. Nearly all, or 98% of all homes with basements will suffer some kind of water damage. And roofs handle as much as 600 gallons of water when the total rainfall measures just one inch. That’s a lot of water.

Protecting roofs from water damage
Prevention is the best cure when it comes to building maintenance. In other words, you shouldn’t wait for a problem to develop but rather proactively keep an eye on all the systems for any signs of trouble. Roofs should be inspected regularly, once or twice a year for leaks, damaged or missing shingles, holes and cracks. This simple step can give you advance warning of any problems.
Of course, any necessary repairs should be done immediately. Roofing materials and waterproof products like liquid rubber waterproof sealant and commercial roof coatings can help carry out repairs and renew the protective capabilities of your roof. When it comes to roofing materials, EPDM is an old standby that has passed the test of time. While most roofs can last for two decades or longer, studies have shown that EPDM roofs remained as good as new even forty years after they were first installed.

How EPDM can protect your roof
EPDM or ethylene propylene diene terpolymer is one of the most widely-used roofing materials in the U.S. This extremely durable material is made from two by-products of the petroleum and natural gas industries, ethylene and propylene. It comes in different colors, thicknesses and widths for different uses. Used along with commercial waterproofing products like liquid rubber waterproof sealant, it protects buildings from rain, snow and ice for decades.
Along with commercial waterproofing products like rubber roof paint and deck sealant, it can protect your roof for as long as thirty or forty years. That because of its high resistance to hail, ozone, abrasion, weathering, heat and fire. It’s also resistant to wind damage, and can be repaired easily.

Protecting roofs from water and wind damage is the best way to protect buildings and their foundations. With proper care and maintenance, roofs can last for decades, sometimes for as long as 40 years. Roofing products like EPDM and liquid rubber waterproof sealant make it easier to protect roofs from wind and water damage as well as other kinds of weathering and stresses.

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