Top Three Tips for Window Washing

Window cleaning

1. Above All Else, Be Safe!

Of course this should go without saying, but while it is important to keep a clean house, it is even more important to keep a healthy lifestyle. When washing the windows of a second story room or higher, take the appropriate precautions to stay as safe as possible. If this means climbing a ladder to reach the window instead of leaning out of it, have someone hold the ladder at the bottom. If this means being extra careful when leaning out the window, have someone there to spot you in case you lose your balance. After all, the best way to clean outside windows — really, what is the best way to clean windows at all — is to approach it from the safest way possible. You can’t finish washing the windows if you fall and break your arm!

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The Essential Guide to Buying Furniture

Furniture maintenance tips

Do you know that the modern home furnishings that you find in recent guide to buying furniture is a relatively late development? At least in terms of thousands of years of human history, most people have only been using furniture for a few hundred years. And those who did were usually royalty, nobleman, or upper class folks.

As late as the high Middle-Ages, and even the Renaissance, beds were the only furnishings that a common person would ever get close to; and even those were little more than animal hides or sacks stuffed with leaves. In fact, on those rare occasions when nobleman and peasants mixed … which was like, almost never … the lowly peasants or serfs were forced to sit on the floor, while upper class individuals were able to sit back and relax in the hottest English furniture styles Continue reading “The Essential Guide to Buying Furniture”

The Hard Truth About Seasonal HVAC Maintenance

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Many Americans have become so dependent upon air conditioning that it’s difficult to imagine living without it during those hot and sticky summer days and nights. Sure, there are still a lot of people who survive just fine without even a single window AC unit in their homes, but air condition is one of those things that’s hard to give up once you have it.

Window air conditioning units first hit the market in around 1932, but they were too pricey for the average American homeowner to afford — especially since the United States was in the thralls of the Great Depression. However, these new AC units were a hit among movie theater owners, as the cool air attracted patrons in far greater number than before. From a business perspective, the increase in patronage made the investment well worth it.
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Not Every Waterfront Property Comes With a $190 Million Price Tag

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Last summer, a waterfront property in Greenwich, Conn. became the most expensive property available in the United States. Cooper Beech Farm, which spans across 50 acres and features a mile of water frontage on the Long Island Sound hit the market with a staggering $190 million price tag. The estate has not been publicly listed for more than a century since the current owner, timber tycoon John Rudey, bought the home more than 30 years ago in an off-market deal. The property was first purchased in 1896 and Harriet Lauder Greenway purchased it in 1904 before living there for 75 years.

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