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Do you know that the modern home furnishings that you find in recent guide to buying furniture is a relatively late development? At least in terms of thousands of years of human history, most people have only been using furniture for a few hundred years. And those who did were usually royalty, nobleman, or upper class folks.

As late as the high Middle-Ages, and even the Renaissance, beds were the only furnishings that a common person would ever get close to; and even those were little more than animal hides or sacks stuffed with leaves. In fact, on those rare occasions when nobleman and peasants mixed … which was like, almost never … the lowly peasants or serfs were forced to sit on the floor, while upper class individuals were able to sit back and relax in the hottest English furniture styles of all Medieval England!

Although some refer to the 17th Century as the “Century of Beds,” that obviously wasn’t the case for anyone but the most affluent. Fortunately, today’s affordable mattress sets have left the deer hides and bear skins to the most grizzled outdoorsmen, and the leaves by the curb. If that’s not luxury enough, all of us working stiffs who can barely pay our bills can even enjoy any types of furniture styles we want at the end of a long, thankless work day.

Of course, this is all made possible because it is easy to find great deals on whatever furniture style tickles your fancy. Basically, anyone can go online, and compare the prices offered by the leading furniture stores from the comfort of their own homes. And if they need any style advice, they can simply consult a handy internet guide to buying furniture.

Since furniture is mandatory for every home, it’s difficult for us to imagine living without it. After all, if watching television and taking our meals on the floor sounds rough, how does sleeping on a couple lawn and leaf bags stuffed with dried foliage? While we should all be grateful for having any kind of furniture, we should feel even more grateful that almost anyone can afford the most stylish designs.
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