Top Three Tips for Window Washing

Window cleaning

1. Above All Else, Be Safe!

Of course this should go without saying, but while it is important to keep a clean house, it is even more important to keep a healthy lifestyle. When washing the windows of a second story room or higher, take the appropriate precautions to stay as safe as possible. If this means climbing a ladder to reach the window instead of leaning out of it, have someone hold the ladder at the bottom. If this means being extra careful when leaning out the window, have someone there to spot you in case you lose your balance. After all, the best way to clean outside windows — really, what is the best way to clean windows at all — is to approach it from the safest way possible. You can’t finish washing the windows if you fall and break your arm!

2. Wash With Care

There is nothing more frustrating than finishing window cleaning only to find that the window washing solution on the glass has begun to dry in a streaky pattern that is both distracting to anyone looking through the window and an eyesore to anyone looking at it. This is the bane of any window washing business. While of course the dirt and grime is gone, it almost feels as if the purpose of washing the window in the first place has been defeated. As any window washing business can tell you, though, the best way to clean windows without streaks is to, at the end of the washing, go over the window with a squeegee horizontally from top to bottom. This way, the beauty of the windows and the view perceived through them will be preserved with its fullest clarity!

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Hire Help!

If faced with the daunting task of washing a lot of windows or windows that would be difficult or dangerous to reach, the best advice anyone could offer would be to not be afraid to seek professional help. Window washing businesses exist for a reason; window washing is hard work. It isn’t always worth your time to attempt to tackle this job alone when your experience and equipment are both limited. Sometimes it is well worth the money to invest in a little help that may get the job done quicker, better, and safer than you could have done it yourself. Have you ever been hurt washing windows? Read more.

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