Three Pool-Friendly Patio Materials You Should Consider

Pool deck installation

With summer finally here, there has never been a better time to finally design and install the patio that your home’s in-ground pool deserves. A high-quality patio can be the perfect place to lay in the sun, enjoy some after-work downtime and hold gatherings with family and friends.

And you can say goodbye to the drab, plain concrete patio designs of yesteryear — today’s patio pavers come in a variety of gorgeous materials, and the number of choices you have to make your patio the perfect complement to your pool is virtually endless.

Not sure which patio pavers or materials are the best complement for your home’s in-ground pool Continue reading “Three Pool-Friendly Patio Materials You Should Consider”

How to Find the Perfect Carpet for Your Home

New carpet styles

When you decide it is time to redecorate your bedroom, it can be difficult to decide where to start. All the choices you have to make including wall color, furniture, floors, and decorative pieces can quickly start to feel overwhelming. Picking one place to start and building from there is the best way to provide some direction and peace to the redecorating process. Starting with your flooring options and exploring new carpet installation can be an excellent launching point. To learn everything you need to know about new carpet installation, keep reading.
1) Carpet 101 It’s always good to have some historical context for pieces you use in your home decor. Prior to the 18th century when trade routes Continue reading “How to Find the Perfect Carpet for Your Home”