Why You Should Appreciate Hose Barb Fittings More

Brass hose barb fittings

You may not have put much thought into your garden hose. In fact, most people don’t. But hoses are actually an incredible invention, used in everything from irrigation to your car’s engine, and they wouldn’t be able to work without hose barb fittings. Here’s what you need to know about these under-appreciated workhorses of the valves and fittings world:

What Are Hose Barb Fittings?

Hose barb fittings, essentially, are pieces that attach hoses together or allow hoses to be attached to other objects such as pipes, valves or spigots. These cylindrical pieces fit inside of hoses, their barb-like rings making it easy to push flexible tubing onto them for Continue reading “Why You Should Appreciate Hose Barb Fittings More”

A Few Pointers on How to Remodel a Bathroom For the Disabled

Bathroom remodeler near me

Bathroom remodeling companies provide much needed services for those with disabilities. People with disabilities need to have special accommodations in their homes in order to have a better quality of life. Those confined to wheelchairs and walkers cannot live in a “conventional house,” and it has more to do than just the stairs. The disabled generally need more space to move around, something conventional bathrooms typically do not have.

What accommodations are necessary, exactly? For the bathroom alone, here are a few major bathroom remodeling design features to keep in mind:

Be Gone, Trenches Trenchless Pipe Repair

Drain repair boston

Repairing drain pipes is never fun, especially if they’re sewer drain pipes. Why? It mostly has to do with the fact that sewer pipes are buried deep underground, making them notoriously difficult to reach. Many sewage experts agree that pipes older than 40 years should be replaced or at the very least inspected (which typically costs around $250-$350). Homeowners across the country realize the prudence of this. Broken sewage pipes, perhaps more than any other feature of the house, need immediate repair (for obvious reasons).

Still, sometimes homeowners are hesitant to have sewer and water pipe repair work done. The reason for this is that sewer drain cleaning is a long and destructive process that requires not only pipe replacement work but restorative work as well. Under the conventional method Continue reading “Be Gone, Trenches Trenchless Pipe Repair”

What Are You Risking When You Don’t Choose Organic Lawncare Treatments?

Organic lawncare treatment

The movement to go organic is taking over many aspects of Americans’ daily lives, from how we shop for groceries to what types of consumer products we choose. Yet one area where many people may fail to go green is with lawncare treatments. Each year, Americans spend about $700 million on lawncare treatments, and most of these are laden with pesticides. Pesticides don’t just kill insects; they also take care of weeds, diseases, and other lawn pests. But they come with a big price tag given the environmental damage they can cause, espec Continue reading “What Are You Risking When You Don’t Choose Organic Lawncare Treatments?”

5 Summer Projects You Need to Hire Handyman Repair Services For

Handyman repair services

Summer is the season for home repair and remodeling projects, from installing a new roof to doing some simple redecorating. But you’re probably already finding that you have less time for home improvement projects than you’d like — or that you’d rather spend your limited time doing something else. In that case, handyman repair services may be your best option. What is a handyman qualified to do? That list is extensive, but here are five example projects you might consider hiring a handyman for this summer:

  1. Installing an AC Unit

    Getting beat by the heat? Although you might need an HVAC specialist for a complex central air system, a regular handyman will be more than capa Continue reading “5 Summer Projects You Need to Hire Handyman Repair Services For”

3 Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Sell Their Houses

Sell your house quickly

If you want to sell your house quickly, you’re going to need to avoid making the same mistakes so many others do. Here are just a few of the most common ones.

Don’t Overestimate the Value of Your Home.

Yes, you want to get a good offer on your house, but if you want to sell your house fast, you’re going to need to be a bit more realistic than you might want to be. The property may very well have depreciated in value, or appreciated if you’ve been improving and maintaining it. However, your home is worth only what the market is willing to pay. The people who put their homes for realistic prices are the people who make quick home sales. If you price too high, you may discourage buyers. Have an expert come in and evaluate the price of your home.

Get the Word Out Continue reading “3 Common Mistakes People Make When Trying to Sell Their Houses”

4 Good Reasons to Abandon Bottled Water

Reverse osmosis

Any and all households that use wells need to stop buying bottled water, and instead invest in well water filtration systems. Here’s why.

It’s So Expensive. Bottled water is so much more expensive that drinking tap water, which many more homes would be able to do if they had well water filter systems. Believe it or not, bottled water is 10,000 times the price of tap water. Although well water filtration systems may not be the cheapest of investments, they ultimately save homes a ton of money in the long run.

It’s Not as Safe as You Think. Bottled water isn’t quite as safe as you might think it is. In a recent study, 22% of bottles of water — more than one in five — cont Continue reading “4 Good Reasons to Abandon Bottled Water”

The 3 Biggest Furnace Repair FAQs You’ll Ever Need to Ask

Furnace repair cost

As summer gets into full swing, seeking out a local furnace repair or maintenance procedure is the last thing on many homeowners’ minds — yet right now is actually the perfect time of year to check up on your home’s heating system and to make sure it’s in proper working condition for when winter inevitably rolls back around.

And when there are an astonishing 85,469 heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) businesses located across the country, there’s no reason not to have a professional take a look at your furnace this season.

Not sure if you’re taking the right steps to maintain your furnace as well as you should be? To find out, take a look at Continue reading “The 3 Biggest Furnace Repair FAQs You’ll Ever Need to Ask”

How To Make Solar Power Work For You

Uses of solar energy

So what are the benefits of solar energy?

Well, besides making the smug, yuppie couple next door absolutely green with envy, there are a number of benefits of solar energy systems. The benefits can be divided into two categories, the financial benefits, and the environmental benefits. Alternatively, the benefits to you, and the benefits to the earth.

The Financial Benefits of Solar Energy

  • The Big Picture: On a macro level, solar power provides the U.S. economy with a renewable, effectively infinite source of energy for the future. And in a time of dwindling fossil fuel supplies, solar energy could power our country for eons to come. Plus, the solar indus Continue reading “How To Make Solar Power Work For You”

3 Signs That Steel Windows and Doors Are Right for Your Home

Commercial doors

As a homeowner, you may think that steel windows and doors are made for commercial applications only. However, this is far from the truth, and more homeowners are using these residential windows and doors made with steel for reasons such as safety, security, and even energy efficiency.

Are you thinking about upgrading your windows and doors? Here are three signs that steel may be the answer.

Benefits of Curtains You Need to Know


Window curtains are a great addition to your home, since they provide many benefits and are one of the most affordable options. Of course, you have many options for window treatments, but read on for a few reasons why you should choose curtains for your home.

  1. Blackout curtains are are great option for a bedroom, especially if your room faces east. If you’re not a morning person, these curtains will give you complete darkness for some extra shuteye.
  2. Sheer curtains are perfect for kitchens, as they provide privacy while being light enough to still let in some light. They are an easier, cheaper than window blinds, wh Continue reading “Benefits of Curtains You Need to Know”

What Will The Roofs Of The Future Look Like?

Siding glen ellyn il

In years to come, the average remodeling company may have to rethink what it means to replace, repair, or install new roofing. In the near future, replacing a roof may entail installing relatively new, retractable roofs or even new, self-cooling roof technology. Here is a look at what may be possible in a few short years:

Retractable Roofs Go Residential

When it comes to commercial roofing installation, retractable roofs or roofing is not altogether unheard of. Retractable roofs among residential homes or even on apartment and/or multi-family buildings, on the other hand, are much less common. But that’s changing. Some apartment buildings are already asking counties permission to install outdoor areas and/or patios with retractable roofs for rainy weather. With some space Continue reading “What Will The Roofs Of The Future Look Like?”

The Indicators of a Good Property Management Company Shouldn’t Surprise You

Property management rentals

In the U.S., property management companies typically assist the communities they are a part of. For investors too busy to run their properties themselves, real property management companies act as an important go between and can handle everything from scheduling repairs to accepting rent. In Missouri, though, 1,350 people are suing one of the country’s largest rental property management companies for illegal lease provisions in a class action suit.

The group, comprised largely of disabled and low-income renters, all live in four apartment complexes within Missoula and Billings, both located in Montana. According to the lawsuit, Continue reading “The Indicators of a Good Property Management Company Shouldn’t Surprise You”

3 Awesome Ways to Recycle Your Old Carpet

Buying carpet

Carpet is one of the most popular flooring options in the United States. In fact, carpet covers 70% of the floors in the country. If you do not already have a carpet in your home or are looking to upgrade, you may be thinking about carpet installation. But before buying carpet, you may want to think about where your new carpet is coming from, and where your old one is going.
With the alarming global warming statistics, it is important to assume ecological responsibility in all facets of life. Carpet recycling is a great place to start. In fact, re Continue reading “3 Awesome Ways to Recycle Your Old Carpet”

Finding a Real Estate Agent for Buying and Renting Summer Homes

North carolina homes for sale

Summer’s here, and it’s an ideal time to be buying or investing in rental property on the water. But when searching for the ideal beach property, finding rental homes that are the right price, size, and location for your needs may be difficult to do alone. In the game of real estate, it’s important to know the rules, and no one knows the rules like a real estate agent. Real estate agents are invaluable resources when looking to buy or rent a home. In fact, 98% of buyers who used a real estate agent when Continue reading “Finding a Real Estate Agent for Buying and Renting Summer Homes”

How To Paint The Outside Of Your Home Like The Pros

Industrial painting philadelphia

As of 2015, there were more than 300,000 people working as commercial painters or commercial painting contractors in the United States. If the outside of your home is in desperate need of a makeover but you don’t have the budget to hire contractors, it’s important to do the job right the first time.

Painting pros shared three of their top tips for painting the exterior of your home right:

The Three Most Common Air Conditioning FAQs — Along With Their Answers

Wesley chapel air conditioning repair

With summer nearly in full swing, many of us are going to be relying on our air conditioners to stay cool in the sweltering heat. In fact, two out of three homes in the U.S. are equipped with an air conditioner for this very reason.

But is your air conditioner functioning as well as it should be — and will you be protected from a sudden AC breakdown? If you haven’t yet taken a look at your air conditioning system yet, you have no way of knowing. Additionally, if your air conditioning system has exceeded its lifespan of about 12 years, you are at risk for having an air conditioning emergency on your hands.

Unsure if you need an air conditioning repair or if Continue reading “The Three Most Common Air Conditioning FAQs — Along With Their Answers”

Top Safety Tips For Scissor Lift Equipment Rentals

Boom lift rentals

Every tool can be either very useful or extremely dangerous, and scissor lifts are no exception. Used properly, they can safely save time and money.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration defines scissor lift equipment as “movable scaffolds,” which lift large and heavy loads (with or without employees) in a balanced way to and from high elevations. They are classified ob OSHA as “heavy equipment,” and they can be dangerous if operated carelessly.

If you manage work site or construction equipment rentals, then here’s a quick rundown of the most important safety tips for operating portable lifting equipment.*