4 Good Reasons to Abandon Bottled Water

Reverse osmosis

Any and all households that use wells need to stop buying bottled water, and instead invest in well water filtration systems. Here’s why.

It’s So Expensive. Bottled water is so much more expensive that drinking tap water, which many more homes would be able to do if they had well water filter systems. Believe it or not, bottled water is 10,000 times the price of tap water. Although well water filtration systems may not be the cheapest of investments, they ultimately save homes a ton of money in the long run.

It’s Not as Safe as You Think. Bottled water isn’t quite as safe as you might think it is. In a recent study, 22% of bottles of water — more than one in five — contained chemical contaminations at or above strict state health limits. This means that nearly three bottles of water in a 12-pack are going to be highly contaminated.

It Consumes a Ton of Oil. The bottled water industry gobbles up a ton of oil. Each year, 17 million barrels of oil are consumed in the production of bottled water. That’s enough to fuel one car for 1 million years (or 1 million cars for one year). The production of bottled water also actually consumes a ton of water in and of itself, too. It actually takes thrice the amount of water to produce a bottle as it does to fill it.

It Hurts the Environment. Besides eating up a ton of oil and water — limited resources — bottled water also is a major cause of pollution. Only one in five bottles of water are recycled, while the other four contribute to the some 3 billion pounds of waste bottled water produce each year.

Those who rely on wells for their water would be wise to invest in well water filtration systems. It will help their wallets, their families, and the environment. What more reasons could there be?

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