Boom Lifts Aren’t Just for Cherries Anymore

Different types of equipment

What is a boom lift? A boom lift is a piece of heavy equipment, that allows a worker to be raised up on a platform by an electric lift. It is sometimes called a cherry picker, an electric scissor lift, or by the more generic term of aerial lift.

The use of an electric scissor lift or boom lift requires a certified and skilled operator. Construction lift equipment can easily result in property damage, injury, or even death if improperly operated. A commercial, privately owned building can be worth as much as $296.4 billion; damaging a building with the heavy equipment meant to fix it is not cost effective.

The types of Continue reading “Boom Lifts Aren’t Just for Cherries Anymore”

How Trees Make Life Better

tree service northern vaWhen people buy a new house, they might appreciate the aesthetics of the trees on the property. But besides making sure that none are tall enough to flatten their house in the event that a lightning storm or lumberjack comes through the neighborhood, most people treat trees like just another brick in the wall.

However, there are many advantages to having trees on one’s property– provided that you take care of your trees correctly. Whether it’s by hiring a plant health care specialist or professional tree care services, or by learning how to go about tree pruning and stump grinding yourself, it’s crucial to practice proper tree care. Here are the reasons why the tree care industry is such a big one– why trees are important and useful.

Trees Cut Down On Heating Costs
Having a good windbreak of strong trees can reduce residential heating costs by 10 to 15 percent. The next time you’re tree pruning, think about the winter wind hitting the side of your house. Maybe that line of elms isn’t so bad after all. Having a tree on the west side of one’s home can save you a lot of money on energy bills in the summer, too, as the evaporation has a cooling effect comparable to 20 air conditioners.

Trees Shield Your House From Noise
Similar to above, trees also serve as great barriers against noise pollution. Having a belt of trees 100 feet wide and 45 feet high between your house and the nearest highway can cut down on traffic noise by 50%. If you’re concerned about lightning protection issues resulting from such large trees, an arborist can recommend the best trees for the job.

Trees Add To The Value Of Your Home
No one wants to live in a house with no trees nearby– it’s simply human nature. It’s been found that homes with trees on the property sell faster and at five to 15 percent higher prices than homes without.

The Importance Of Having The Right Trees
With all this being said, there are many factors to consider when choosing trees– height, size, species, location, and many other things need to be taken into account. A tree specialist can recommend how to go about tree pruning, tree removal, root fertilization and everything else that you need to know to optimize the trees on your property.

Does Your House Look Like a Local Witch Lives There? Halloween Only Comes Once a Year!

Duluth landscaping

Do you want to create a more beautiful outdoor environment for your home? Do you dream of gardens and paths, patios and late morning breakfasts outside? Are you ready to commit to your property and make it all that it could be?

See it in your mind?s eye, with shady trees, shrubs, paths, manicured lawns? and don?t forget that patio. Professional landscapers can make that image a reality.

Not only will professional landscapers give you beautiful landscaping, they save you money. What? Crazy. How can hiring professional landscapers save money, when you have to hire them? Because energy efficient landscaping, according to the U.S. Dept. of Energy, can save up to 30% yearly on house Continue reading “Does Your House Look Like a Local Witch Lives There? Halloween Only Comes Once a Year!”

How Plumbing Repair Services Can Save You From Expensive Damage

Plumbing repair company

Every building in use today needs access to a water system to function. Not only is ensuring the sewers work correctly important to their ability to operate, but if malfunctions do occur in the pipes, they can be costly to repair as well as holding the potential to be hazardous to the health of those in the vicinity. Because of these risks, it’s important to keep an eye out for any indicators that may show a complication.

When a problem arises, it’s always important to act quickly with commercial plumbing repair services. The unfortunate truth is that often many of the problems that cause sewer line leaks and other damages are not openly visible. Fat and Continue reading “How Plumbing Repair Services Can Save You From Expensive Damage”

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Gas Furnace

Heating furnace repair

If you own a gas furnace, you are not alone. Nearly 60% of Americans do. Proper maintenance of your gas furnace is critical to extending the life of the unit. By adhering to a proper maintenance schedule, your unit can last from 12 to 15 years and may prevent the need for you to call a gas furnace repair company to perform expensive work on your unit.

Tips to Keeping the Gas Furnace Repair Man Away:

  1. Change your filters. This is a key component of your gas furnace. The filters keep dirt out of the unit, which can be key to preventing the need for emergency furnace repair. The filters need to be replaced at least every 90 days. If you check more often and find them clogged, change them immediately.
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