Are You Getting Ready to Install a New Metal Roof on Your Home or Business?

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The pictures are incredible.
Frozen leaves.
Two thin sheets of ice that slid of intact still bearing the image of the American flag, one piece the stars, one piece the stripes.
Initially, many of the photos that people post on the social media sites are beautiful. The ice storm was a force to be reckoned with, so the schools and many of the businesses in the midwest were shut down for two days. As the thawing began, however, the reality of the storm began to sink in. Trees literally draped to the ground with the weight of the ice. Homes with gutters frozen and jammed. Cars slip, sliding their way into work once the roads were passable again.
For days you would hear loud crashes as the large sheets of ice lost their grip and can crashing to the ground. For all of the beauty that this frozen s Continue reading “Are You Getting Ready to Install a New Metal Roof on Your Home or Business?”

When Should I Rent Tools Instead Of Buying?

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What can you do when there is a great home project you want to get jump on right away, but lack the tools to begin? Unless they were passed down to you, most people do not exactly have the best equipment lying around in a tool shed or garage. The good news is that there are tools for rent at most of your local hardware shops. From power equipment rentals to scaffolding rentals, if you truly want to DIY your next home improvement project there are tools for rent to help you finish.

Before you get started, it is essential that you understand how to Continue reading “When Should I Rent Tools Instead Of Buying?”

Tips For Reducing The Risk Of Fire In Your Workplace Or Establishment

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Do you know one of the most rampant issues facing American workplaces? While some studies have cited the spread of bacteria and falls as frequent hazards, one of the most widespread issues remains that of small and large fires. All it takes is a single spark to set a building ablaze, injuring workers and employees while destroying thousands of dollars in property. Kitchens, in particular, are highly susceptible to these accidents. Let’s take a look at why your workplace may need a fire extinguisher recharge or fire protection check-up to stay safe.

Where Do Fires Erupt?

A fire can emerge anywhere. However, some areas have proven to be more prone to fires for a few different reasons. Fires in restaurants and dining establishments both cause a yearly average Continue reading “Tips For Reducing The Risk Of Fire In Your Workplace Or Establishment”

7 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

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When cold weather arrives, there are things homeowners can and should do to make sure their homes are ready. From cleaning out the gutters and downspouts to making sure the heater is still working, there are simple things that people can do to make sure their homes are ready for winter.

  1. Try out your heater. The last thing you want to have happen is to find out that your heater is not working when the weather turns cold. Before the cold weather hits your area, take some time to turn on your heating system and make sure it is working the way it should. That way, you will see if you need any service on the system and take care of that before you really need your heater to work. I Continue reading “7 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter”