5 Tips for Buying Used Heavy Equipment

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The global construction industry is large. So, too, is the heavy equipment industry, in 2015, was worth about $145.5 billion. The United States has the second largest construction market on the planet. It has a market share of about 10%. In 2010, there were 8.7 million American construction workers, according to the National Association of Home Builders. If you have a construction business, you may be looking to talk to heavy equipment sales companies to get what you need to finish your projects.

Determine what exactly you need for your job. The first step in getting the might equipment is deciding what you need to do that job. You can talk to heavy equipment sales companies, who may be abl Continue reading “5 Tips for Buying Used Heavy Equipment”

Are You Considering Purchasing a New Tankless Water Heater?

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It’s a thing.
What may have first started as a single word social media comment by young millennials who have finished their college days and are beginning the adult life of making house payments and budgeting for utilities, is now a tongue in cheek way to bemoan the increasing responsibilities that many 20 and 30 somethings feel.
During the Christmas season of gift giving, adulting can take on a whole new meaning. For while you are excited that your father gave you and your husband $1000 to help pay for the new garage door and opener, the fact that paying for construction projects now is part of your Christmas wish list is a little sad. You likely find your self longing for the days when the Chr Continue reading “Are You Considering Purchasing a New Tankless Water Heater?”

Soundproofing is an Essential Element of Good Building Design

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Sound, and its presence and absence, has an impact on our lives of which we’re barely aware. It affects our emotional and even physical comfort, our ability to learn and heal, to rest and to be energized. Whether you’re a musician trying to keep sound in or a school, hospital or other building trying to keep sound out, soundproofing in the form of acoustical accent clouds and sound isolation wall panels can be an essential part of your building design.

Sound proofing for musicians
For recording studios and concert halls, the priority is keeping sound in. Acoustical accent clouds improve sound quality by preventing echoes and distortion. They also keep external ambient noise at bay.
Another good reason to soundproof music studios and rehearsal spaces is to li Continue reading “Soundproofing is an Essential Element of Good Building Design”

The Most Important Factor in Water Damage and Mold Cleanup Reaction Time

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When you envision the home of your dreams, it is more than likely in tip top shape. The dream home so many aspire to achieve is ideal in all respects. However once you do manage to find it, the reality sets in. Life happens and there are many things that you need to protect your new home from, and plenty of maintenance and upkeep along the way as well.

One significant factor that homeowners must be aware of, particularly in certain areas, is flooding. Another thing that homeowners must be vigilant about preventing is fire. If a fire is caught in enough time, property can be saved from burning but there is still the chance that there can be similar damage to that which is caused by flooding as well: home water damage.

Be prepared for mold cleanup Continue reading “The Most Important Factor in Water Damage and Mold Cleanup Reaction Time”

Dryer Repair And Maintenance

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Although the home appliance industry experienced a slight sales dip in the past few years, it is expected to pick up again, with projections for new home laundry appliances at about 17 million units in the next two years. Smart appliances have even higher expectations, with an estimated 26 billion dollars in revenue predicted by 2020. Imagine, for example, that you could use your mobile device to turn your dryer on to fluff your laundry before you get home, or tell your washing machine to run an extra rinse cycle. But for all their practical and frivolous benefits, smart appliances remain expensive, and for most of us, keeping our older model laundry machines in good working Continue reading “Dryer Repair And Maintenance”

Good Things About Adding Trees

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Good landscaping is great to increase the value of a home. When trees are a part of the landscaping of a home, the value of that house can go up by about 20%. At least 83% of all realtors say that having mature trees in a yard can have an impact that is “strong” or “moderate” on the ability to sell the home when it has been valued at or under $150,000. For homes that are worth more than $250,000, nearly 98% of realtors say the mature trees make the property easier to sell. When homeowners talk to their landscape services company, there are some very real ways that adding in trees help everyone.

  1. Trees add oxygen. Just one tree can put out e Continue reading “Good Things About Adding Trees”