3 Most Basic Types of Lighting for Your Home

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A room typically has many functions. It may be a place to unwind after a busy day at work or serve as a workplace for that matter. Also, a room may function as a dining area for you and your family to enjoy meals together. That’s why experts recommend having the lighting features match the theme, layout and application of each room. For instance, bedroom, kitchen, study room and living room will often have varying lighting effects. To achieve this, you need to consider installing these three basic types of lighting ideal for the interior of the home. They are general lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.

Ambient Lighting
This is one of the most widely used types of lighting. Also known as general lighting, its main purpose is to illuminate the entire room, so you can easily and safely perform tasks. Overall lighting offers sufficient brightness without harsh glares after being reflected by the walls.

Similar to natural light you get from the sun, ambient lighting lets you highlight features within a room, and it acts as the main source of task lighting. This layer of light can be accomplished with some of the finest contemporary lightings such as chandeliers, track light, ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, down-light, floor and table lamp. When it comes to ambient outdoor lighting, you can use fixtures like a spotlight, post lantern, wall lighting or hanging fixture. A company such as Leucos lighting offers a wide range of ambient lighting solutions for specific house needs.

Accent Lighting
This is another layer of lighting that simply adds visual appeal to your home by using more concentrated light. Typically, accent lighting is used to highlight and draw attention to house decorations such as paintings, sculptures, houseplants and other house architectural features. If applied properly, this lighting effect can make a room appear illusionary large.

Creating a layer of accent lighting, however, you’ll need to shed more light on a centerpiece than the general lighting around it. You can achieve this using some of the modern recessed lighting, spot lights, track light and wall-mounted fixtures. These fixtures come in a range of sizes and shape and perfect for any pieces of art.

Leucos lighting among other high end lighting brands provides accent lighting ideal for outdoors. Landscape lighting is a simple but effective way to breathe life into your outdoor spaces by illuminating pathways, beautifully trimmed lawn, garden or statues.

Task Lighting
Task lighting is slightly similar to accent lighting, but instead, it sheds smaller concentrated light. Sometimes referred to as office lighting, this layer of light allows you to carry out specific activities such as writing, cooking, sewing, and reading.

Task lighting offer finer light that is bright enough to obscure shadows and prevent eyestrain. It’s accomplished with most portable lamps and desk lamps as well as track, pendant and recessed lighting. Swing arm lamp is a great example of task lighting that lets you adjust the light in any position you’d like. Other options for task lighting are vanity and under cabinet lighting. They are ideal when used to add light to your kitchen, bathroom or at the dressing table.

For more ambiance in your home, consider using dimmers to control a host of lighting effects. Finally, ensure you source for the best lighting brands such as Bowery lighting, Leucos lighting and Fontana arte lighting for quality lighting products for your house.

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