Think You Need to Replace Your Gutters? These 7 Tips Can Help

Gutter cleaning

If you are like most homeowners, you do not tend to spend a lot of time thinking about your gutters. The problem is they do serve a very important function and make a big difference in preventing certain calamities such as floods. In addition to keeping them free of debris and clogs, there will come a time when you will need to replace gutters around your home. The problem is that not everyone knows when it is time to replace gutters and when a gutter repair service can take care of it. You should be in the habit of inspecting your gutters already. These are some things to look out for:

  1. How many holes or cracks do your gutters have? If there are a few, small cracks in your gutters, you can call in some experts in gutter repair and cleaning and have your fixed up. The problem comes when you have a lot of cracks, holes or areas that are rusted out. There may come a time when the cost to do all of the repairs that you gutter system needs would cost a lot more than it would be to replace gutters.
  2. Keep an eye on your fasteners. These devices are what keep your gutters firmly attached to your roof. If too many are broken or missing, your gutters will no longer be able to do the job you need them to do and the time to replace them will be upon you. Sometimes the underlying problem is actually with the guttering itself and not the fasteners so your inspections should always include a fastener check.
  3. Look at the ground around your home. Are you seeing a lot of screws or nails? If those have been used during the gutter installation and are what was holding your gutters to your home, seeing them scattered around the yard can be a problem. If you only see a few, the chances are good that you can just replace them. If you see a ton, there may be an issue that is making them come loose and it might be time to replace gutters.
  4. Are your gutters still firmly attached? If there is a separation between your gutters and your home, you cannot expect your gutters to do the job you need them for. If they have separated from your home or from each other, that may be an indication that you are ready to replace gutters. You can try to fix the problem but if it comes back quickly after your repair work has been done, it might be time to get new ones.
  5. How do your gutters look? This is not really a question of aesthetics but if the gutter systems around your home are starting to sag, it may be time to bring in an expert at gutter, cleaning installation and replacement. There are times when you can fix a spot or two that has started to sag but if the problem goes all around your home, you need to get a new system put in.
  6. Keep an eye on your paint job. When there are problems with a gutter system, water is not directed away from your home. When it is able to drop down the exterior of the house, it will have a negative impact on the paint. If you see a lot of peeling paint, before you grab some paint brushes, look at your gutters. They may be the cause of your paint problems.
  7. Check your home after a rain or snow storm. The whole purpose of a good gutter and spout system is to keep water away from your home and its foundation, if it is not going the job, you will see evidence of that after a bad rainfall. If you see standing water around your home, the problem is probably from faulty or older gutters.

No one buys a home looking forward to cleaning and inspecting their gutters but it is an important part of the deal. To keep your home in the best shape you can, you need to make sure your gutters are in good condition. This will save you a lot of pain and money in the long run.

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