Building a Custom Home

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So you’ve finally decided to make the leap from renting to owning. Good for you! Now you may find yourself wondering which is the best route: buying a previously-owned home (also called a resale) or building a custom home.

Resale homes are often described as having “a lot of character” or “that lived-in feel”. And some houses definitely put out that positive vibe. Unfortunately, these terms can often be euphemisms for “fixer-upper” or “broken-down” — and sometimes you may not even be able to tell the actual condition until the home is inspected. Custom home construction takes all the guesswork out of the structural condition, since the structure was literally just made.

Not only are the walls sound, the roof strong, and the foundation uncracked, but the finer points are under your control, too, when you build a custom home. You get to decide what room will best be suited for what (guest room or office? It can determine how many outlets there are and where they go). You get to decide the materials for the kitchen and bathroom. And who has immediate input on whether to wall off a section or keep a more open concept? That’s right — you.

It’s not as though you can’t have these things when you move into a resale home. It’s just that it will cost quite a lot of money (not to mention time) to get everything just the way you want it. Building custom homes gets you exactly what you want, the way you want it, from the very beginning. When the house is finished, you can move in and start living there, without and last-minute modifications.

And for those who say the cost of building a custom home is more than buying a comparable resale — well, at the time of purchase, that’s actually true. But what those same people won’t tell you is that the cost of building a custom home is the final cost, unlike a resale, where the renovation and restoration bills are likely to keep coming in well after the sale has closed. The true, final cost of a resale home can only be calculated months, maybe even years, after the sale.

If you want to find out more about building custom homes, find a professional builder in your area. There may be more than one, and they may fall into more than one category (custom log cabin builders, for instance, versus custom luxury home builders). But don’t be afraid to talk as many as you can. You may find that dream house in the last place you though to look. Find out more at this site.

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