Transportation Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes The Development Of The Elevator Throughout History

Transportation isn’t just taking the bus or riding a bike. It’s also how we move within a place.

The flight of stairs up to the lunchroom. The bridge that connects from one building to another. We are constantly in a state of moving, often taking for granted all the little ways our world is made accessible to us. Commercial elevators, in particular, are a great feat of engineering and practicality. Without them much of what we know and love would either be difficult or downright impossible! Residential elevator installation is a resource you can’t afford to overlook if you’re a contractor or a manager…

…and that’s why we’re going to take a look at what goes into installing a working elevator, from the history of the craft to modern lifts. Onward!

Elevators have been around for far longer than you think. Throughout history several forms of lifts have been built, some little more than pull lifts operated by rope and others through steam technolog Continue reading “Transportation Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes The Development Of The Elevator Throughout History”

The Elevator Usage Found In The United States

Having a fear of elevators is certainly not uncommon and is one that is suffered by many people both here in the United States as well as outside of it. People from all backgrounds and of all ages fear elevators to some extent, something that has been spurred on by many a horror movie portraying a plummeting elevator. However, these fears are completely unfounded the vast majority of the time.

In fact, elevators are incredibly safe and incredibly important. Though many people will avoid taking an elevator if at all possible, elevators are actually one of the safest ways to travel from floor to floor around. They are even up to 20 full times safer than escalators, which are much more prone to both user injury and electrical malfunction, something that has led to many an injury and even some deaths both throughout this country as well as outside of it too. This even holds true when we look at the fact that there are far more elevators than escalators in use both in this country in p Continue reading “The Elevator Usage Found In The United States”