The Elevator Usage Found In The United States

Having a fear of elevators is certainly not uncommon and is one that is suffered by many people both here in the United States as well as outside of it. People from all backgrounds and of all ages fear elevators to some extent, something that has been spurred on by many a horror movie portraying a plummeting elevator. However, these fears are completely unfounded the vast majority of the time.

In fact, elevators are incredibly safe and incredibly important. Though many people will avoid taking an elevator if at all possible, elevators are actually one of the safest ways to travel from floor to floor around. They are even up to 20 full times safer than escalators, which are much more prone to both user injury and electrical malfunction, something that has led to many an injury and even some deaths both throughout this country as well as outside of it too. This even holds true when we look at the fact that there are far more elevators than escalators in use both in this country in particular and around the world as a whole.

But here in the United Starts, elevators are particularly prevalent, something that just about any commercial elevator installation company will be able to tell you. The average commercial elevator installation company is likely to be quite well versed in the subject, as more and more elevators are installed though the commercial elevator installation process (or the residential elevator installation process, as the case might be) each and every year. Currently, as many as 700,000 elevators can be found throughout the United States, but this is a number that continues to grow over the course of each new year that we cycle through. In fact, some estimate that this number of operation elevators is now actually closer to 900,000.

Many people are serviced by elevators each and every year, as many as 20,000 of them for each and every elevator in use. After all, it’s estimated that as many as 18 billion passenger trips are made by various elevators throughout the country on a yearly basis. For many people, elevators are very essential, as is the growing popularity and prevalence of commercial elevator installation and commercial elevator installation companies. From residential lifts to commercial elevators that have been installed by a reputable elevator company, the prevalence of elevators has made the world a more accessible place than ever before, something that can be seen particularly clearly here in the United States.

After all, those with disabilities have long struggled with moving from place to place with ease, especially when confined to mobility devices like wheelchairs. Other forms of getting from floor to floor, such as escalators and stairs, can be virtually impossible – if not totally so – for someone with a physical disability to navigate. Therefore, elevators are quite essential in many places of residence as well as in just about every residential building, something that can be seen with the push to install residential lifts in any apartment or condo building with more than one floor, even just two floors.

But as every and any residential and commercial elevator installation company knows, the necessity of elevators maintenance is high. After all, that’s part of why elevators are so safe in today’s world – they are able to be well maintained with the help of any given elevator safety company. These safety companies should not only be providing regular and routine inspections, but they are also essential for providing prompt elevator repair services, should they ever become necessary. By giving prompt repairs to malfunctioning elevators all throughout the country, a great number of disastrous incidents and potential tragedies are very much able to be avoided both here in the United States and quite far beyond it as well.

At the end of the day, the importance of elevators and their upkeep and care cannot be underestimated. Not only does the prevalence of these machines make life easier for many people, but they actually make navigation itself possible for many, such as for those who are confined to a wheelchair or dealing with another type of physical disability and level of mobility impairment.

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