How is Water Getting into your Home?

Basement foundation repair

Have you been finding little puddles of water in your basement? Have you noticed water marks on your ceiling? If your ceiling or basement leaks when it rains, it is important to find the cause of the problem. Water can cause all sorts of expensive damage to your home, and since it encourages the growth of mold, it can even be detrimental to your health. Home foundation repair is an extensive and expensive process, so it is better to fix the source of the water damage before it gets too bad. If you are seeing the signs of water dam Continue reading “How is Water Getting into your Home?”

Want to Prevent Basement Flooding and Mold Damage? Get Your Home Foundation Repaired

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When we think about home repair, we often think of major parts of the house that everyone sees: the roof and siding on the outside, and the fixtures, appliances, and other aesthetic features of the home. However, one thing that many homeowners do not consider until it is too late is home foundation repair. Home foundation repairs are necessary when leaks, cracks, and other problems with the foundation and basement of a home are present. Basement leaks when it rains or when sump pump repairs are required can be costly if the solutions are put off until later. Here are some reasons why basements and home foundations require repairs:

1. Leaks can cost you serious money. If you notice water Continue reading “Want to Prevent Basement Flooding and Mold Damage? Get Your Home Foundation Repaired”