The Top Five Landscape Design Ideas For First-Time Homeowners


Landscaping is an art form. No, really! Just like interior design is a combination of composition, layout and color, exterior design is an entire field of potential just waiting for your unique touch. More experienced homeowners are already familiar with the benefits that come with sprucing up their lawn or installing a new patio, but first-time homeowners can find themselves stumbling over landscape design.

The five ideas below will not only give you a good starting point, they’ll also help you learn about all the benefits that come with modern landscape design.

Install A New Garden

Why not kill two birds with one stone? You can spruce up the appearance of your home and create a fresh new hobby all in one go. Over 80% of Americans believe having a yard is important, th Continue reading “The Top Five Landscape Design Ideas For First-Time Homeowners”

What to Expect from a Lawn Analysis

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A well landscaped yard with a well maintained law can often be a major selling point for a home, but what happens when your lawn just isn’t cooperating for you? If its been a particularly dry summer, you may have spots in your lawn where the grass is very thin, or yellow, or even brown (aka: it’s dead).

You can’t very well go ahead with your contemporary landscape design that you’ve had planned for months until you have a lawn analysis to determine how healthy your lawn is. Although proper landscaping can decrease unwanted noise levels and block unwanted views, it would be a shame to have yellow grass detract from your other beautiful outdoor features.

What is a lawn analysis? Continue reading “What to Expect from a Lawn Analysis”