The Top Five Landscape Design Ideas For First-Time Homeowners


Landscaping is an art form. No, really! Just like interior design is a combination of composition, layout and color, exterior design is an entire field of potential just waiting for your unique touch. More experienced homeowners are already familiar with the benefits that come with sprucing up their lawn or installing a new patio, but first-time homeowners can find themselves stumbling over landscape design.

The five ideas below will not only give you a good starting point, they’ll also help you learn about all the benefits that come with modern landscape design.

Install A New Garden

Why not kill two birds with one stone? You can spruce up the appearance of your home and create a fresh new hobby all in one go. Over 80% of Americans believe having a yard is important, thanks to a recent survey, and another 90% believe it’s important to keep it well-maintained. Gardening is a relaxing hobby that can literally bear fruit over time. Tasty vegetables for your kitchen or beautiful flowers for a friend, there’s a lot to enjoy when you create your very own garden.

Plant A Few Trees

On a similar vein, planting trees is a smart way of improving your home’s curb appeal while enjoying other benefits. A single tree can remove over 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere every year. That’s as much as 11,000 miles of car emissions! Alongside scrubbing away harmful pollutants they also filter out smoke, dust and pollen from the air. Homeowners with allergies or asthma will deeply appreciate what just one or two new trees will do for their quality of life.

Craft A Retaining Wall

Do you want to craft your environment just a little more spectacularly? A retaining wall can be the literal building blocks you need to a more unified exterior design. A recent study found just over half of all homeowners budgeting $10,000 or more on their current landscaping projects. A retaining wall can help with crafting a stone pathway to your backyard or create a barrier between visitors and a new pond installation. Retaining wall design runs the gamut of hearty stone or classic brick, making sure you’ll want for nothing on your personal journey.

Install A New Deck Or Gazebo

Some homeowners live a more reclusive lifestyle. Others love to bring friends over and throw parties in their backyard every other weekend. Both types of people have a lot to enjoy when they install a new deck or gazebo. A landscape study found half of homeowners who choose to upgrade their outdoor spaces spending at least six hours per week, if not more, relaxing and entertaining. That’s a pretty quality investment!

Go Hard Or Go Home With Landscape Design Ideas

Combining these ideas can do wonders for your home’s potential. You can try a retaining wall installation to protect your new garden. You can install a deck and top it off with some new trees. Whatever speaks truest to your soul, you’ll be enjoying the financial and emotional benefits for years to come. Landscaping increases your home’s resale value by at least 15%. Over 90% of real estate agents actively recommend landscaping as a major home improvement option and the average homeowner can attest to the personal benefits gleaned from an exterior touch-up.

There’s no need to sweat the small stuff. Just like any art form, landscaping is a highly beneficial and fun way of getting the most out of your home.

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