5 Landscaping Ideas That Can Transform Your Backyard

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Sure, you could just go for a plain lawn-and-patio setup in your backyard. But what’s the fun in that? Here are some unique garden landscaping ideas that can turn your backyard from a bland, unused space into a family — maybe even neighborhood — hotspot.

  1. Add Masonry

    Adding higher-end elements such as a masonry fireplace can make your backyard instantly more appealing. As well as providing a focal point and gathering space for your yard, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit can also extend the life of your outside space, making it more comfortable both in early spring and late fall.

  2. Utilize Stones

    If you’d like to use your lawn for furniture — but don’t want to get rid of the grass altogether — you may want to consider a flagstone and grass patio Continue reading “5 Landscaping Ideas That Can Transform Your Backyard”