5 Landscaping Ideas That Can Transform Your Backyard

Lawn care scheduleWith long hours spent working at home and a tremendous increase in staycations, your backyard oasis enables you to refresh yourself and replenish your physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. Whether your home needs a complete backyard makeover on a dime, or you simply wish to add a few decorative creature comforts, we can assist with transforming your Montgomery County, Pennsylvania backyard into a low-maintenance place to rest and relax. When you employ search terms such as “ pergola design ideas,” or “backyard ideas no pool” or “backyard design ideas without a pool,” you’ll find numerous ways to spice up your outdoor rooms.

Do you appreciate private grottos with a sheer cloth draped over a wooden pergola? Does a swinging sleeping platform sound attractive? Maybe you require space for outdoor entertaining? We’ll enable you to find the elements that ensure that each area pops, such as a central masonry fireplace with fixed seating.

Hardscaping reduces the amount of grass that you need to water, mow and rake. Large river rocks, white sand, and several garden utensils allow you to create walls, walkways, and meditation gardens. Additionally, add pools, ponds, and fountains to your backyard nirvana.

Sure, you could just go for a plain lawn-and-patio setup in your backyard. But what’s the fun in that? Here are some unique garden landscaping ideas that can turn your backyard from a bland, unused space into a family — maybe even neighborhood — hotspot.

  1. Add MasonryAdding higher-end elements such as a masonry fireplace can make your backyard instantly more appealing. As well as providing a focal point and gathering space for your yard, an outdoor fireplace or fire pit can also extend the life of your outside space, making it more comfortable both in early spring and late fall.
  2. Utilize StonesIf you’d like to use your lawn for furniture — but don’t want to get rid of the grass altogether — you may want to consider a flagstone and grass patio. In this style, paving stones or natural stone slabs are laid with a few inches in between so that grass can grow in the middle. You can choose to lay regularly shaped stones in rows to create a grid or diamond effect in the grass, or you can scatter them less precisely for a rustic feel.
  3. Think Party TimeIf you like to entertain, you can make your backyard the perfect space to host by adding an outdoor kitchen. Depending on your budget, this might range from adding some counter space on either side of your gas grill all the way to installing countertops, storage, a sink, a beverage cooler, and plenty of outlets for blenders when it’s margarita time.
  4. Dress Up Your PoolMost pool landscaping ideas are pretty basic. But if you want to set your pool area apart, create a natural environment around your pool so it feels more like an oasis or lagoon, rather than a concrete jungle. If you’re just now building your pool, this might involve choosing an irregular shape or sloped entrances instead of steps. But even if you’ve already got a plain rectangular pool, a combination of natural stones and plants can lend a tropical feel to the space.
  5. Minimize MaintenanceIf you’re not big on lawn and plant maintenance, you may want to invest in hardscaping materials that lend themselves to a desert design. If you’re wondering just what is hardscaping, you’re not alone: This term, infrequently used outside the world of garden landscaping, refers to the portion of landscaping using non-plant materials such as stone, brick, and wood. Hardscaping design can create visual interest with beautiful walls, pathways, patios, gravels, and structures. Dot the area with a few striking succulents or desert plants, and you’ve got a low-water, low-maintenance retreat.

Did you know that hardscaping can also add lasting value to your home? All garden landscaping helps homes to sell faster and for better prices, but permanent fixtures, in particular, can draw in higher-end buyers. What ideas do you think you’ll try out in your backyard?

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