Equipment Rental Companies Why More Contractors Are Depending on Them

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Many who work in the construction business have encountered problems with their heavy machinery and tools at one time or another. Sometimes parts break down unexpectedly, which necessitates a quick replacement while waiting for commercial equipment repair. Other times, specific machinery is hard to come by for sale, so rental can be a better option — especially for short-term projects.

Today, many contractors are actually finding that there’s an advantage to renting equipment over buying it. With more tools available in more places, renting can often pose an advantage over the purchase of construction equipment. Here are three ways that many contractors are finding that they can get more from commercial equipment rental companies:

More power equipment rental companies exist now than ever before.
Because construction equipment manufacturers have seen trends in renting vs. buying, they’re keeping up with the demand for newer rental products. An estimated 51% of new construction equipment has gone to rental lots rather than the sales floor in recent years. This consumer demand means that there are more places to rent than there were just a few years ago.

More contractors are using construction equipment rental companies.
Most contractors have had to rent equipment, either because of convenience or out of necessity. Sometimes they do it because they’ve had their own tools break down. They may also rent because these services make it easy to find much needed equipment. The added advantage here is that rental equipment requires no storage or maintenance on the part of the construction company.

More tools and machines are available to select from.
Now it can easier to find equipment to rent rather than equipment rental to buy. For instance, there may not be any place to buy a floor removal machine, but there could be a business nearby where floor removal machine rental is possible. And rental companies often have more items available, whether a contractor needs hand tools and small power tools or big items, like forklifts, Bobcats, or scaffolding.

There are rental companies all over the United States, so it’s crucial to find one that offers exactly the tools that are needed. For those with questions on equipment rental, get in touch with a company in your area or leave a comment below. More on this topic.

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