To Buy or to Build– That is the Question!

Financing a custom home

Happy days are here again as the housing market continues to recover from the Great Recession. Since April, 2012, there has been a 25.4% increase in American home sales. This is excellent news for our overall economy, and for homeowners and prospective home buyers as well.

Of course, nearly three quarters of all U.S. homes were built before 1990, meaning that a number of them are rundown or outdated. This is not a positive trend when it comes to the continuing appreciation of home values. However, new home builders have seen an upswing in the creation of custom homes recently. As of 2013, approximately 711,000 new custom homes in the U.S. had completed the building process.

Many people are realizing the benefits of building custom homes, rather than buying a standing house. In practical terms, United States home prices are expected to increase during 2014, according to Forbes Magazine, meaning that building a custom home is the most financially responsible decision a prospective home owner could make. As well, building custom homes turns an individual vision into material reality. Some people who are thinking about custom homes research sample blueprints from previous custom home designs. Yet, the most important thing to remember about building custom homes is that you want the end result to reflect your personality and lifestyle.

The best home builders embolden customers to go off the beaten path and choose the amenities that they want. Thus, customers should consider the kind of layout they desire, as well as lot size, number of bedrooms, and kitchen design and appliances. So too should a customer think about whether having a finished basement to use as a rec room or fitness studio might be a good idea when choosing the plans for custom homes. Finally, customers who have always dreamed of such luxurious amenities as an in ground pool, jacuzzi, deck, fire pit, bay or stained glass windows, or mahogany floors, should, if budgets allow, incorporate these aesthetically pleasing and joyful items into the design of the custom homes they are considering.

Another method of building custom homes is to do so on land that the customer already owns. Should there already be a house on the property, it can be torn down, and a new one can be constructed in its place. For those individuals who love the neighborhood in which they live and do not want to leave, yet desire a different domicile, this tearing down and rebuilding process may be the best decision for people who want the best custom homes to meet their particular needs. Links like this.

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