How Much Do You Know About Carports?

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The word “carport” sounds a little bit like something that belongs in a Jetsons cartoon, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, it’s actually something that exists right now, and you might even have one in your driveway.

  • The word “carport” was first used by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1930s when he told a client that cars are not like horses — they shouldn’t be put in barns. (Carports were originally called “auto spaces” but that name didn’t catch on quite as well.) The word itself comes from the French term “porte-cochère,” which describes a covered space that looks like a small pavilion: open on the sides, and a roof on the top.
  • Carports were originally called “auto spaces,” courtesy of a certain Minnesotan architectural firm — but the bland name never really “stuck,” opening up the wa Continue reading “How Much Do You Know About Carports?”