How Much Do You Know About Carports?

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The word “carport” sounds a little bit like something that belongs in a Jetsons cartoon, doesn’t it? Believe it or not, it’s actually something that exists right now, and you might even have one in your driveway.

  • The word “carport” was first used by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1930s when he told a client that cars are not like horses — they shouldn’t be put in barns. (Carports were originally called “auto spaces” but that name didn’t catch on quite as well.) The word itself comes from the French term “porte-cochère,” which describes a covered space that looks like a small pavilion: open on the sides, and a roof on the top.

  • Carports were originally called “auto spaces,” courtesy of a certain Minnesotan architectural firm — but the bland name never really “stuck,” opening up the way for Mr. Wright’s creativity. Perhaps “auto space” was too straightforward? We may never know.

  • Metal carports are the most common type of structure, and experts note that steel carports are a popular choice because of their durability. Steel carports are impervious to natural disasters and weather issues, like fires, termites, and earthquakes. Metal garages are often chosen for durability as well, but the smaller structure of a steel carport is often preferred by homeowners — as well as the ability to customize the structure to fit your needs and your style!

Whether you have a car, a boat, or an RV to store, you practically owe it to yourself to invest in a carport or garage. You’ve already invest so much money in your vehicle — shouldn’t you do everything you can to keep it protected?
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