Proactive Solutions to Water Leaks Underslab Repair

House repairs are the bane of every house owner’s existence. It can be costly, stress-inducing, and cause all kinds of headaches. Unfortunately, repairs have to be made; entropy wins in the end, but you can stall it for a little while longer.

Leaking Faucets Are Just The Beginning

Water leaks can cause absolutely havoc on your under-slab, needing underslab repairs to fix. Imagine how much water is being wasted when you consider 10 percent of homes residing in the United States are currently leaking 90 gallons of water, on average, every single day. That adds on to the already 400 gallons used in an average home of four, and driving the water bill up, and Americans already pay $500 on their water and sewer bill every year! It is a compounding problem that turns one problem into many.

This combination of leaking issues and root causes has caused an exponential amount of water being wasted, as much as 1 trillion gallons a year. But what can we do? Thankfully, there is.
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