Proactive Solutions to Water Leaks Underslab Repair

House repairs are the bane of every house owner’s existence. It can be costly, stress-inducing, and cause all kinds of headaches. Unfortunately, repairs have to be made; entropy wins in the end, but you can stall it for a little while longer.

Leaking Faucets Are Just The Beginning

Water leaks can cause absolutely havoc on your under-slab, needing underslab repairs to fix. Imagine how much water is being wasted when you consider 10 percent of homes residing in the United States are currently leaking 90 gallons of water, on average, every single day. That adds on to the already 400 gallons used in an average home of four, and driving the water bill up, and Americans already pay $500 on their water and sewer bill every year! It is a compounding problem that turns one problem into many.

This combination of leaking issues and root causes has caused an exponential amount of water being wasted, as much as 1 trillion gallons a year. But what can we do? Thankfully, there is.

Where To Start

First, you will need to invest in underslab repairs. Unfortunately, that is harder than it sounds. However, there are signs that even a laymen can pick up on.

Underslab repairs might need to be invested in if your foundation has uneven floors, you will see cracks in walls or maybe that door that drags on the floor you thought was weird? That is a possible sign of under slab damage (or the foundation could just be uneven). Mildew and running water without it being used is a sure sign you might have a problem. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Plumbing Services

Your next plan is to employ a plumber. If you were wondering when to hire a plumber, it’s good to hire one when you start experiencing a leak. You can check the yellow pages or, with your preferred search engine, search on the internet “plumbers near me” (make sure your location is turned on for accurate directions. You will want to compare quotes as well as reviews. Take reviews with a grain of salt, but generally, a good review is just a good review. You will need plumbing services for more than just a leak, if it is worse than it looks.

When do I need to replace my water heater? What about toilets? If either are old, then it’s time to invest in new ones, especially if they’re pushing a decade old. Water heaters pushing 10 years old, no matter how well maintained they were, are in their old age. They aren’t as efficient as they once were and sometimes investing in a smaller water heater, depending on how much water you use daily, can save you serious money down the road. It’s an investment worth looking into.

Really, any water-efficient products are worth checking out. You’ll be paying for them now, but the money you save down the road is far more than what you pay for, for the product. In fact, if everyone switched over to water-efficient products, we would not only chip away at the 1 trillion gallons of water wasted, but we would end up saving 3 trillion gallons of water.

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