Moving Is Already Stressful, Here’s How You Make It Easier

Moving can be an absolute headache, even cause massive amounts of stress. Imagine, if you will, you are being evicted and you have a short amount of time to find a place before you find yourself on the streets. Already causing anxiety thinking about it? Just imagine people actually going through that.

Luckily, there are services that can make the move much easier to handle, lower your stress to a healthy amount and get your stuff from your old place to your new one.

Utilizing Storage Services

Storage units can seriously be a lifesaver when you are moving. Remember the eviction example? Well, it just so happens that storage units offer the perfect solution to a dire situation like that.

Storage units are small and large areas that you can rent out for a period of time; there’s short term storage and long term storage. Pick the one that best suits your purpose. Short term storage is great if you just need your belongings housed for a month or so, but they do not have to just be for individuals looking to make a quick decision. They provide an excellent opportunity to keep stuff away from your house that is not currently needed.

Utilizing Moving Services

How much do you think the moving industry brings in every year? Maybe a few million? Try $85.7 billion, and that was just in 2016. Every single year, 35 million Americans make the decision to move; 17.4 percent are looking for a better place, and half move during the summer, usually between May and Labor Day.

The headache that you can feel forming from just thinking about moving, can easily be avoided by employing moving services. You can find local movers if you are staying within the area and even long distance movers.

Moving Costs Money

Here are a few things you will need if or when you decide to move: boxes, tape, storage, rental trucks (if you move the stuff yourself), cleaning supplies, and that’s just on the surface.

Moving can be a costly affair. Rather than worry yourself on everything you have to pay for, utilize a list. Separate the tasks you need to do under two columns: easy and hard.

Easy tasks should be mundane things like cleaning the house or packing away small items. Hard tasks should be considered tasks that need several days to plan, like who you might choose to help you move, finding quotes for moving companies or anything that involves legal documents.

Whatever you do, never save “just enough” to get the job done. Add up your moving expenses and add 25 percent of that on top. You don’t want “just enough,” you want “just in case.”

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