Home Renovations From Popular Projects to Financial Investments

Homeowners within the United States have embarked on a large number of home improvement projects over the past few years. It’s expected that there will be even more home remodeling projects being requested this year and over the coming years. While homeowners may be remodeling one or two rooms, others may choose to have several remodeled or have entire home renovations.

Common Home Improvement Jobs

The U.S. Census Bureau reported the following types of jobs performed by design build and remodeling companies:

  • Major additions and alterations: 30%
  • Minor additions and alterations: 40%
  • Maintenance and repairs: 30%

Popular Remodeling Jobs for 2016

While there were a variety of home renovation projects completed during 2016, four categories were the most requested. According to the National Association of Home Builders’ data, these were the top four requested home improvement jobs: