What Will The Roofs Of The Future Look Like?

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In years to come, the average remodeling company may have to rethink what it means to replace, repair, or install new roofing. In the near future, replacing a roof may entail installing relatively new, retractable roofs or even new, self-cooling roof technology. Here is a look at what may be possible in a few short years:

Retractable Roofs Go Residential

When it comes to commercial roofing installation, retractable roofs or roofing is not altogether unheard of. Retractable roofs among residential homes or even on apartment and/or multi-family buildings, on the other hand, are much less common. But that’s changing. Some apartment buildings are already asking counties permission to install outdoor areas and/or patios with retractable roofs for rainy weather. With some space Continue reading “What Will The Roofs Of The Future Look Like?”