What Will The Roofs Of The Future Look Like?

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In years to come, the average remodeling company may have to rethink what it means to replace, repair, or install new roofing. In the near future, replacing a roof may entail installing relatively new, retractable roofs or even new, self-cooling roof technology. Here is a look at what may be possible in a few short years:

Retractable Roofs Go Residential

When it comes to commercial roofing installation, retractable roofs or roofing is not altogether unheard of. Retractable roofs among residential homes or even on apartment and/or multi-family buildings, on the other hand, are much less common. But that’s changing. Some apartment buildings are already asking counties permission to install outdoor areas and/or patios with retractable roofs for rainy weather. With some space heating or outdoor heating lamps, it may even be possible for residents to enjoy these spaces during fall and winter months.

Let’s Talk About Self-Cooling Technology

Researchers all over the world are working on roofing products and materials that may help reduce air conditioning costs by cooling surfaces and homes themselves. Co.Exist.com explains the thought process behind new, self-cooling rooftops: “By adding layers of plastic on top of silver, the researchers were able to create a roof surface that bounces sunlight back into space, leaving it as much nine degrees cooler than a state-of-the-art cool roof.” According to trials of the new materials, the cooling effect still works even when dust, grime, and debris build up on the roof. Of course, there are other questions. How will this roofing material hold up to hail and winter storms? Even metal roofs gradually lose their durability. Researchers will have to guarantee a certain amount of longevity before the average remodeling company regularly installs these self-cooling roofs.

What is the future of renovations, remodeling, and roofing? In just a few years, retractable roofs in apartment buildings as well as self-cooling rooftops may be the norm.

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