Healthy Home Improvement: What to Watch Out For When You Renovate

If you’re like most Americans, you’re likely getting ready to take on a home improvement project. According to Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies, spending on home remodeling generated 2.2% of economic activity nationwide during 2017. This fixation on renovation isn’t going anywhere, either. The National Association of Home Builders reports that home renovation spending […]

Why Do You Need Regular Roofing Service?

UPDATED 1/25/21 Most people don’t ever think about the roof above their heads, but it is pretty darn important, isn’t it? The roof protects your home from all the weather that falls from the sky, and that means it really does a lot for you. You may not even think about it until you need […]

Avoiding the Need for Heating Repairs

Many people will eventually need furnace and air conditioner repair. These are systems that people will more or less use all the time. Few people live in climates that are consistently pleasant all the time and in all seasons. There might be occasions where people will not need air conditioning or heating, but they will […]

Easy Home Projects for the New Year

The new year has just begun and everyone is trying to recover from the holidays. Your home has probably seen some wear and tear since its fall tuneup, especially if you had a lot of guests for the holidays. You might even have some easy home projects on your list of New Years resolutions — […]

How to Maintain Commercial Roofs

One essential part of roof maintenance for commercial roofs is an inspection. If you are not able to safely view your roof covers, it is imperative to call out a professional roofing company. This also applies if you do not know what to look for in inspecting your roof. The roof covers are exposed to […]

Differences Between Hardwood and Softwood

Wood pallets, like any wood product, may be manufactured from hardwood or softwood. In the United States, 504 million acres, nearly 25% of the nation’s land area is available to produce timber resources for commercial wood products. These forests contain many different types of trees, including those that produce hardwood and those that produce softwood. […]

Important Tips to Consider for Remodeling Your Condo

According to recent research findings, insurance companies are said to incur up to $2.5 billion dollars every year due to water and mold damages on condos. With harsh economic times and high standards of living, insurance firms do recommend homeowners to use modern and profitable means when remodeling their condos. However, before you jump into […]

Five Fantasy Basement Designs

Over the past two decades, finished basements have been some of the most popular renovation projects according to the National Association of Home Builders. Everyone has seen home remodeling plans where a basement is finished with a bar, home theater, craft room, or spare bedroom. But there’s a saying, “go big or go home.” What […]