Consider These 3 Types of Wood for Your Custom Cabinets to Really Impress Your Guests

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Buying store-brand cabinets from big-box stores is a thing of the past. Gone are the days when you had to buy an expensive cabinet, hoping and praying that it matches your decor, only to realize it looks terrible after installing it in your home.

Custom wood cabinets give you the option to pick the exact style and design you want with a color that will make any room pop. The only difficult decision you may have is choosing between types of wood to find the best custom cabinets for your home. Here’s a quick breakdown of three of the best types of wood out there for all your custom cabinet needs:

    Oak. Maybe the most commonly-used material for custom wood cabinets, oak is one of the most natural looking woods on the planet. Tan to reddish brown in color, oak is known for being extremely strong and durable, which is one of the most important things homeowners look for. In fact, about 28% of men and 25% of women prefer sustainable products when furnishing their home. Because of its durability, oak is also the perfect choice for custom wine racks and cellars. If you’re looking for a long lifespan, oak is the way to go.

    Birch. Off-white to light brown in color, birch is known for its incredible smoothness, as well as its small black dots often known as “bird eyes.” However, maybe its most notable quality is the subtle light color that it maintains for years. About 75% of homeowners prefer soft, neutral colors in the kitchen, and birch is by far the best wood to achieve a soft color scheme. The light shades of birch look extra luxurious in the summertime when the sun is reflecting off of the wood. Truly perfection!

    Bamboo. If you really want to go out of the box and leave your guests in awe, consider beautiful bamboo custom wood cabinets. Tan to brown in color, bamboo is one of the most unique woods used for cabinets that boasts an incredibly distinct appearance. As an added bonus, bamboo is an environmentally-preferred wood, so you can “go green” while still having the most stylish kitchen in the neighborhood.

Check out all three of these great materials and find a local craftsman company in your area that can make beautiful custom cabinetry. Your home will look better than ever, and your guests will be clamoring as to where you found such amazing cabinets.

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